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  1. NT31C-V2 to NT31C-V1

    Hello mate, I uploaded the screen on our NT31C-V2 and trying to download it to a new NT31C-V1 but on the PT-Configuration i have no NT31C-V1 on the list of choices. Im using NTST4.8E any help will be much appreciated.
  2. VFD Setup

    Thanks mate!
  3. VFD Setup

    Hi Guys, anyone know where i can download VFD setup software for Mitsubishi Inverters? Thanks in advance
  4. How To Link Keyence Plc With Pc?

    This topic has been 8 yrs old, and yet i found the answer i was looking for. Thanks guys.
  5. Cable for Q00 CPU

    Hi Admin, do you have a pic-out for this cable SC-Q and QC30R2. Thank you very much, any help will be much appreciated.
  6. Does a C20 exist ?

    Hi Sir, does the LSS works on Win XP? i was installing the LSS but the "please wait" is never ending
  7. Does a C20 exist ?

    Hi Mr. Admin, I hope i can revive this topic, since im also having a problem with my Sysmac C60K, but the link you provided is dead. Can i also ask if there is a cable pin-out for C20K and what software i need so i can upload /download on C60K. many thanks
  8. OP15c and S5 135U CPU 928B

    found a file for my OP15 with extension .o15. Can i ask what software i need to open that file. Since this can't be open by Protool.
  9. OP15c and S5 135U CPU 928B

    anyone knows how can i get the OP address of my OP15, L2-DP connection
  10. OP15c and S5 135U CPU 928B

    Hi mates, wish you can help me on this problem. My operator (i don't know if his crazy but he was fired now) press esc,arrow right,arrow down while booting. Wish forced the OP15c into transfer mode and deletes its existing configuration. Any idea on how we can put back those configuration? i have all the necessary cables and software to start with. But im lost on where and how to start.
  11. LCD of Siemens OP 30

    Hi guys, the lcd of our OP30 just died out. Anyone know what LCD can i replace our OP30?
  12. Micrologix 1500 Fault

    Thanks all. We'll see what we can do without our techguy with all his cables and softwares :(
  13. Micrologix 1500 Fault

    Yes we have those software, but right now its with our techguy who is on vacation. So on the status bits on the memory module, which status bits should i set to 1?
  14. Micrologix 1500 Fault

    Doesn't work, yet im sure that the eeprom has a saved program in it. Do i have to change the selector from (Run, Rem & Prog) ?
  15. Hi, Newbie here. We have a filler machine running on micrologix 1500. Fault is flashing, the tech guy is out on vacation. I just want to inquire on how can i load or reload the program from our EEPROM to the CPU. Thanks