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  1. Changing A F930got Screen Using Fx1n

    Hi, I assume you are using GTD2, in Common Menu>System Environment>Screen Switching Tab you will see a data area for screen switching. If you allocate an area and use this data register for example: LD X0 MOV K10 D100 Here D100 is the area for screen switching. When X0 is received PLC moves 10 to D100 where 10 is the page ou would like to go. I hope I could help you. Best Wishes Hakan Armutcu Orsis Electronics & Automation Systems
  2. Taian PLC

    Do you mean TAian Genie. It is something like Siemens Logo,Moeller Easy or something like Mitsubishi Alpha. If you like I can collect some info. Greetings...
  3. Nais..Matsushita PLC

    Hi, I have done some projects with Matsushita FP series PLCs. Your questions are welcome. Best wishes.
  4. Vipa Plc

    Hi, I think you can simulate vipa PLC with S7Sim simulation software for S7 PLCs. You can build your project with Simatic Step7 which can also applies to your vipa PLC. But S7Sim is not for free. Look for demo on the net. Best Wishes..
  5. Where is Siemens PLC?

    Hi, Siemens has 3 series of PLC on the market as I know. These are S7-200, 300 and 400 series. Also there is Siemens S5 series but this series of PLCs are not on the market anymore. The software for S7-200 series is MicroWin the newest version is V4.0+SP2 also you need a PPI cable to program S7-200 plcs. The software for s7-300 and 400 series is Simatic Step7. The newest version is V5.3+SP3. Also you need a MPI cable to program S7-300 and 400 series PLCs. S7-200 Plcs are small sized plcs for local or machine control systems. On the other hand S7-300 plcs are used for small sized or medium sized projects. S7-400 series are used for large projects. I think you need a small PLC for your homework. I suggest you S7-200 series but you will need a PPI cable. You can borrow from a systems integrator of anyone you know or you have to buy it from ebay, local distributor or etc. you have tobuy software form Siemens because license fee is required. If you like you can download an evaluation version from Siemens Website. I obtained a fully functional 40 days evaluation from that site. I am sorry I dont remember web site but if you like I would find and write in the post. I wish I could help you. Greetings..
  6. Proximity Sensor to detect piston in cylinder

    Hi, Youre right Px sensors cannot detect aluminium alloys. May be you should use a capacitive sensor. Or a limit switch to detect the position. Or a Photo sensor which could be adjusted according to the sensing position. I could say limit switch with a NC contact might be the best solution. Also you should use special apparatus to attach the sensor. Best Wishes.
  7. Best Control Engineers?

    hi, To my opinion being a controls engineer is a different discipline above all. When I decided to become a controls engineer I started to look for a job where I could learn as much as I can. At last I found my current position. After explaining my ideas to my boss, who is one of the pioneer control engineers in my country, he gave me a list of things to learn. To be honest I have graduated EE department, but Ihave to admit that being a controls engineer is more than being an electrical engineer. The list on the other hand included to have knowledge on any area. Knowledge on programming, dealing with microprocessors, mechanics, hydraulics&pneumatic, electronic design, project management and many personal qualifications. In fact I earn less money than my colleagues but insist to work because I have many things to learn here. As an answer to the question in the topic, I would answer according to my experiences. I think EE engineers could do much better than mechanical engineer. But desire to be a good controls engineer is the most important thing. Best Wishes.
  8. quickdesigner

    Hi, Look at site. You can download a trial version from there.
  9. quickdesigner

    Hi, Look for Quickdesigner 3.7 on the net. Last time I had to program a Total Controls Quick Panel junior. It helped me alot. I think 3.7 is the latest version of Quickdesigner and will get your job done. Greetings.
  10. Problem with anti virus software

    And I also use avast 4.6 and I have no problem with GX Developer Ver7.11
  11. Problem with anti virus software

    May be memory is not enough to run the antivirus and GX Developer. If removing the antivirus did not solve the problem you may return your system to a restoration point may solve the problem. Greetings..
  12. How are you rated on this site.

    Hi, I joined mrplc 7 months ago. You see it is sparky written in my rating. Thats true I am really sparky since I have been working in this area and using PLCs for two years. I think a person with more than 100 post is really an expert because I have along way to go and more posts. Actually I am looking forward to be called as an expert or a guru. But this doesnt mean that I have to send unnecessary posts. I try to post on a topic which I really have an idea. Thanks.
  13. field bus ABB

    Hi, With which system would you like to use fieldbus ABB. If you like to use ABB AC800 Series I have a manual for foundation fieldbus for ABB. Or do you like to use ABB drives using profibus or something else. Best Wishes..
  14. GX Developer

    Sorry I forgot to login.
  15. Hello Hakan, I am particularly interested in ABB IRB series robots and to be honest I have no manual or document about industrial robots. I am willing to work in this area in the near future. I hope you could help me to gain insight to ABB robots. Thanks. Hakan ARMUTCU Systems Engineer Orsis Electronics&Automation Systems Ankara/TURKEY