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  1. Denso Robot

    Hi all i have problem at denso robot program where i cannot see the .PAC file at Program List. Need your help teach how to unlock or unhide .PAC file at denso robot program. I'm using WINCAPS III software. thank for help
  2. Mitsubishi FCAU-MP10 servo drive

    hi all. I have 1 machine where using mitsubishi FCAU-MP10 servo drive. the driver now got problem. i try loking the manual in WEB but still cannot find the manual. can some body share to me any manual related to this servo drive. thank.
  3. Problem with Proface uploading

    hi Arunas. i get same problem with you.. i try upload the file using CF card still no upload information. can some body help we
  4. CP1L Hardware Control problem

    hi all. I have use CP1L output 10000 for control stepper motor using SPED intruction and output 10001 for control motor direction. i have 1 problem. why if i run SPED intruction at output 10000 (#0000) the output 10001 cannot function. The output 10001 in program ( monitor online) on but the transistor contact dont on. Why this happen?. or if using pulse output control only 1 output can use (10000 or 10001).
  5. Communicate between MX component and QJ71C24N-R2

    Sorry for this to. the setting is ODD to. but still cannot communication.
  6. Communicate between MX component and QJ71C24N-R2

    hi Inntele. thank for reply. i already test using mc protocol, but still cannot communicate between MX component and QJ71C24N-R2. the setting and cable diagram like below. QJ71C24N-R2 PC 1 (CD) ----------------- 7,8 (RTS,CTS) 2 (RXD) ----------------- 3 (TXD) 3 (TXD) ----------------- 2 (RXD) 4 (ER) ----------------- 6 (DR) 5 (SG) ----------------- 5 (SG) 6 (DR) ----------------- 4 (ER) 7,8 (RTS,CTS) ----------------- 1 (CD) PLC SETTING DATA BIT =8 PARITY BIT =EXIST PARITY= ODD STOP BIT= 1 SUM CHECK CODE = NONE ONLINE CHANGE = DISABLE CHANGE= DISABLE COMMUNICATION RATE SETTING = 9600bps COMUNICATION PROTOCOL SETTING = MC PROTOCOL (TYPE 5) STATION NUMBER= 1 MX COMPONENT SETTING PLC SIDE I/F= C24 MODULE MODULE TYPE= QJ71C24 STATION NUMBER=1 TRANSMISSION SPEED = 9600bps PARITY= NONE CONTROL = DTR or RTS CONTROL Totally i already try all type of mc protocol and control (DTR/RTS) but still cannot communicate. My cable connection is ok and i already try without using pin NO1 for PLC side and pc side but still cannot communicate. Can U or some body help me.
  7. hi all Can somebody help me? How to Communicate between MX component and QJ71C24N-R2.
  8. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    i just only use ActMLQCPUQ1 & ActEasyIF1 .dll file. it ok if i just installing this 2 .dll file ? how to register the license of this file? Thank for help
  9. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    Actually, i have valid license and follow for legal licensing. But i don't want that company know what i use for communication between PLC and PC. So that why i don't want the mx component software inside the PC. Then,i need to install and register the mx component dll file without installing mx component software. but i don't know how
  10. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    hi panic mode. how to install the dll file and registered it manually? i have read mx component operating and programming manual, but that don't have any explanation about installing the software manually. i have the license. but i do not know how to install the file manually. i do not want the mx component software have inside the computer.only the impotent part where i can use the mx component .dll file.
  11. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    Hi Crossbow. Yesterday I meat 1 vendor where can run the mx component .dll file without installing mx component software. He intall the vb .exe file program using Microsoft framework and install it in Administrative Tools service. I very interesting to know how he can do this. Can somebody tell me if you know?
  12. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    How i want to run at other computer the VB6 .exe program that i write using mx component library without installing mx component to the computer?
  13. hi old timer. Currently we have project that need to transfer data from PLC to PC( VB ). my vendor suggest us to use mx component. due to tight budget, we cannot buy mx component license for every pc. Please somebody advice another method or solution to linkage PLC and PC(vb)
  14. Q00J CPU programming Port+MX Components+VB6

    Hi Govind Lathkar Thank for Share. But why when i want open your vb program have some error XceedCry.dll Could not be loaded ActMulti.dll Could not be loaded ActPcCom.dll Could not be loaded ActSupport.dll Could not be loaded ActComLk.dll Could not be loaded i realy new in VB
  15. Q series PLC link system

    Hi all. Thank for reply. hi kaare_t This system very impotent to my company. if 1 system down 60% of my company will be down to. so i try to use the best way to design this system for reduce down time/ error.. Hi Inntele & Crossbow Now i Planing want use CC-Link IE for this system. can u or somebody share the sample program, setting or programming manual for cc-link ie. i try find in web but not more information about cc-link ie.