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  1. Dear all members, Could you help me how to install & active RS5000 on Windows 7 -64bit? What version should I use? How to active when I can not install Floop A ? thanks
  2. Schneider XBT-L1000 Software

    If you said that this software is not free, I 'll not require XBT-L1000 v4.51 Now I used this software V4.42, which is attacted CD when I buy HMI Schneider. I wonder Does this software allow to upgrade V4.51? I think this is not be problem.
  3. Schneider XBT-L1000 Software

    I'm sorry about this. But I look for Internet. I link to Schneider. But Schneider's page is not any information about this. Because this software is free. I wonder Can you help me? I need XBT-L1000 V4.51 Thank you very much
  4. Schneider XBT-L1000 Software

    I'm using XBT-L1000 v4.42. Now I need XBT-L1000. PLease send me any link to upgrade from v4.42 to v4.51 or Please send the link for me to download Software XBT-L100 v4.51 Thank you vert much. My email:
  5. Hi All, I have two trouble: 1/ I'm using XBT F024510. when I bought new HMI, everybody told me It changed to XBT GK5330. I'm using PLC TSX P57253, and I connect to old HMI by cable from 8-pin (PLC) connected to 25-pin (HMI) When I buy new HMI. This new HMI's using 9-pin port to connect to PLC. Therefore, I need diagram to do cable convert from 25-pin to 9-pin connect to New HMI ( I don't want buy XBTZG909 to convert to 25-pin to 9-pin) Please send me diagram convert 25-pin to 9-pin PLC (8-pin) ----> 25-pin (Old HMI) -------> 9-pin (New HMI): PLease send me diagram from 8-pin(PLC) to 9-pin (New HMI) or 8-pin (PLC) via 25-pin and convert 25-pin to 9-pin (New HMI) 2/ When I use Vijeo Designer for New HMI, I can't look for anything about Library similar as Old HMI. Please see attach file. Please send me Library for Vijeo Designer. Thanks Please send my mail : Desktop.rar