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  1. I am trying to display a Cognex camera Image by ethernet to a Mitsuubishi Got 1000. I would like to set up the GOT for a FTP site and keep 25 images on the Got. Is this something possible. I can not get the image to be displayed on the GOT. I am using ethernet communication. Scott
  2. I am looking for a manual that would help with the PLC Ladder programming and weld set up. We are setting up new tooling in a welder and are needed to change the inputs and output to clamp the parts. I think we will also need to change the weld schedule. Any information would be great. Thank you, Scott
  3. I am using a Omron PLC CJ1M CPU11 and HMI. I want to enter a date and time on the HMI and have the PLC turn on the heater when the date and time entered from the HMI are equal to the day and tim of the day. I am having trouble getting this to work. Any sample code would be greatful. HMI is a NS8-TV01B-V2. Thank you, Scott
  4. Weidmuller ethernet/IP block to Compact Logic

    device is generic ethernet module input 100 size 4 ouput 101 size 1 configuration 128 size 0 using data-sint as com format
  5. I am trying to get a Compact logic L32E processor connected to a Weidmuller SAI-AU M12 EIP 16DI/8DO. I have the block set up and I can see the block from RS5000. I can turn on the outputs but I can not see any input. I have the Weidmuller block set up for 8 inputs and 8 outputs. I am not sure how to set up the ethernet module in the RS 5000. Has any one used these before? Any info would be great.
  6. Does any one know when I can buy a 8pin mini connector to pull into a ML1100. I want to make my own wire to a rs232 scale. I think it is cheaper then buy a cable from AB and cutting the end off and wiring it to a connector. Thanks Scott