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  1. B&R cp260 program upload?

    Hello. You can used more programm languages (C,ST,SCF,FBD.....). My question about upload. You want only to make a backup of the FLASH card or do you also want to upload a project from the PLC. It is not possible to upload a project source code.There are only br modules. Old systems which has been programmed in old system(Not in AS) has this possibilities but now it is not possible. Normally if you have a normal CF card you can make an image of this card and then if something crashed you can create a new CF. Problem is that you have old PLC which has some PCMCI card. I think that you can try to call to BR support they have a good support possibilities and they will give you an answer and they can help you.
  2. B&R Cycle Time Violation

    Hello. What do you have in this fast task class 1. Do you have there only Controll task for Motion? Do you have set synchronization on IF card or CPU? I usually set 10ms for TC1 becouse it is enought for me. You can also start profiler where you see if this task class is ok.