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  1. Interrupt events

    Hi! I was wandering if anyone knows how to make your own interrupt events for the simens S7 - 200 CPU 222 (Step 7 - Micro/Win 32)? Thank you.
  2. Connection plc and vb

    Do I have to tell or use some kind of comand (code) to make the plc to send me the information through the serial port.
  3. Connection plc and vb

    I use no handshaking (changed), and as far as I know settings are correct for a Siemens s7-200 cpu222 dc/dc/dc.
  4. Connection plc and vb

    Hi. Thank you for your replays, and your help, thanks for offering Delphi code but I don't know how to use this code. I tried with the MSComm1_OnComm but it still doesn’t work, please advise.
  5. Connection plc and vb

    Hi, I need help with visual basic 6 program or hardware of plc. I am trying to get vb6 program to read serial port that my plc s7-200 CPU 222 is conected to. I can not get the program to read anything at all. My code is (in vb6): Private Sub cmdOpen_Click() 'opening the serial port If MSComm1.PortOpen = False Then MSComm1.CommPort = 1 MSComm1.Settings = "9600, N, 8, 1" MSComm1.InputLen = 0 'to read the whole input buffer MSComm1.PortOpen = True MSComm1.Handshaking = comXOnXoff Else MsgBox "Connection has already been established", vbInformation, "Port opened" End If End Sub Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click() 'to display the data from the receive buffer MSComm1.InputMode = comInputModeBinary txtDisplay.Text = MSComm1.Input txtCharacters.Text = MSComm1.InBufferCount End Sub Please if anybody can tell me what is wrong with my code or give me a code that works, if posible a basic code (begginer) I would be very, very gratfull. If the code is ok, is there a problem with my connection with the plc, but I can download a code to a plc fine with the step7 template and also monitor the program how it works with the step7 program, so I do not think it is a hrdware/connection problem. Thank you.
  6. How to conect VB6 with PLC S7-200?

    Hi! Does anyone know how I can connect (integrate) vb6 with plc s7 - 200 CPU 222 DC/DC/DC, I found connection with s7 - 300 and 400, but I cannot ues that. Please if you know how help me! Thanks.
  7. Output Problems

    Hi. I am new using plc in general. I have S7 - 200 DC/DC/DC. I downloaded a program on my plc and the program works. What program does is that it makes square wave. While my light bulb is flashing, as it is suppose to my output shows no signs (dead). The program is: Network 1 //10 ms timer T33 times out after (100 x 10 ms = 1 s) //M0.0 pulse is too fast to monitor with Status view. LDN M0.0 TON T33, +100 Network 2 //Comparison becomes true at a rate that is visible with //Status view. Turn on Q0.0 after (40 x 10 ms = 0.4 s), //for a 40% OFF/60% ON waveform. LDW>= T33, +40 = Q0.0 Network 3 //T33 (bit) pulse too fast to monitor with Status view. //Reset the timer through M0.0 after the //(100 x 10 ms = 1 s) period. LD T33 = M0.0