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  1. Texas Instruments TI 164

    Any one out there have a programmer for one of these old PLC's or can any one recommend some where I could send one and have the program printed off for trouble shooting ? Thanks !
  2. Data file transfer

    RSLogix version 8.10.00 from 2008 .. is all I see
  3. I have moved a few files from one machine to another and "lost" the names of the inputs and the outputs.. and I know that is normal. There must be a way to reattach these to the program with out entering them all again by hand. I have both files one with all the "text " data and one with out .. how do I merge them ? ( I have done a update to the file without the data ) . Thanks
  4. Funuc 90-30

    Yes the program is gone .. I hired a technician .. who worked with GE on phone surrport .. it is not there. Oh yes I am VERY aware that two machines are a rarity if they are identical I have been a machine builder / electrician a long time. And I know for a fact that there is password protection , I have hooked into other systems from them and everyone has password. I was under the understanding that a GE technician could work around the password for this sort of a issue ? Thanks for the input .. I am trying to convince management that its gonna be easier to strip the GE and update to a Allen Bradley ( that I have training on) . I can start over a lot faster than spending months trying every avenue to get around this old 90-30
  5. Funuc 90-30

    I am working on a system that is equipped with a 90-30 the battery was removed .. long ago .. no record of the program. We hired a GE authorized service tech to come in and look at the system and as I thought the program is compleatly gone. We purchaced this unit used .. the company that built it is no longer in buisness. So as right now I have a huge paper weight. My supervisor says that he has heard that GE support may be willing ( for a price ) to go to another machine that we have access to and download the program and transfer it to our dead equipment . Is this possible ? Thanks
  6. how do I stop the c 600 from sending the plc a negitive number ? Do I do it from Tags (Data Entry ??) or under Screens and properties under Format ??
  7. C 600 panel veiw

    I just made a sample page and you are right .. I swear that I have had the verification complain about not having it on the main page. Thanks
  8. is there a way to make it difficult to press the go to Config button ? Someone told me that you could put two buttons on, then you have to press two of them .. that would be fine but it does not work. I know I can make it invisable and tiny but that does not seem to be enough... and why do I have to have it on the first page?? Thanks
  9. Perfect you got me on the step.. thats all I needed thank you.
  10. I have not worked with a 1762 MM1 yet. It came in a box with diagrams showing how to pull off the cover on the 1200 and sliding in the MM . VERY helpful .. not. We were led to believe that I could drop the program into this and it would self load on to the 1200. Is this true ? Will it clear a fault by reloading? and How do I get the program into the chip in the first place The AB manual seems pretty general when it comes to this , unless I am missing something. Any help would be great.
  11. I have bought a micrologix 1000 off of ebay with no problem. just make sure you get the right input and output voltage for what you are going to be working with and how many inputs and outputs you need.. I bought the unit to play with at home , and it has been a lot of fun. I use the 1000 at work .. we set up tests with items cycling off and on all the time. Just buy from some one with good feedback. I prefer the 1000 for light duty stuff as you can get the software for free !
  12. Place your cursor on the bottom corner of the first rung down and RIGHT click choose "Extend branch down" and there you have it.
  13. Perfect Thanks .. !!
  14. Can I use more than one Reset command one one line ? I want to be able to kill all the timers and reset to Zero. Or do I have to do this on separate lines? Micrologix 1000 .
  15. Thanks , I did figure it out you just have to disreguard the connection after the first connection