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  1. Mechatrolink with V1000 drive

    Better late, than never. "SYSMAC CS/CJ Series Position Control Units CS1W-NC_71/CJ1W-NC_71 (Unit Version V2.0 or later). Inverter Operation Guide.": CS1W-NC_71/CJ1W-NC_71 Inverter Operation Guide
  2. System reset? CJ1M

    CX-Programmer. PLC Program Mode. Main Menu: PLC->Clear All Memory Areas-> Initialize->Ok
  3. Omron CJ2

    And "CJ2 Family" P059_3.pdf
  4. Omron CJ2

    We have waited! But the situation with position control (Pulse I/O, Synchronous Unit Operation...) is not clear...
  5. CX-One V4

    As I know a processors CJ1G-CPU45/44 have departed to CJ2H, CJ1G-CPU42/43 will depart to CJ2M. Me interests more, what will be with CJ1M-CPU2x and whether will keep price equivalent CJ1M-CPU_1?
  6. LCD Option Board - CP1W-DAM01

    Recently Omron much all has started to let out "not for us". And managers of Omron very much are surprised when we refuse to take their production.
  7. LCD Option Board - CP1W-DAM01

    At this display three big lacks: - It cannot be taken out on a case door, as at FX - It does not support UNICODE - It is not convenient in programming
  8. Ns 12 Error 10

    Most likely it is damaged internal CF. We faced similar problems at NS with cheap power supplies (S8PS, S82J, PS competitors) and bad grounding.
  9. Sorry, but what for is Ethernet necessary in low-cost PT? Decisions on the basis of Ethernet very much not the cheap. And if it is required Ethernet to take better NS5 – on the complete price set it will not strongly be reflected. And NS is NS, though the moment of transition from NS5-SQ00 to NS5-SQ10 has very upset me.
  10. Considering, that fact that I have not received answers to the questions on other channels, I publish them here. I have some questions on NQ-Designer: 1) Who wrote this software? The student? I did not work for a long time with a software for Windows in which there is no possibility to move Toolbars. Will it be corrected? 2) Who has guessed to arrange text properties in a screen bottom? In NS-Designer text properties at the top of the screen, in MS Word, Excel at the top of the screen … In NQ-Designer in the bottom of the screen. Bent for of originality? Will it be corrected? 3) Why in "modern" terminal NQ it is impossible to place Numerical Data Display over the button, and in very old terminal NT21 it is possible? Will it be corrected? 4) Why in "modern" terminal NQ there is no possibility to establish a transparency of a background of object, for example for object TEXT? In NT21 it is supposed. Will it be corrected? I have more questions concerning "modern" terminal NQ but let’s begin with it.
  11. NP series

    NQ terminals are intended for the European market. It is programmed in NQ-Designer ( I tested NQ-Designer 1.01 - functionality and ergonomics is worse than at NP-Designer 1.0. To me one year ago OMRON EU promised that NQ will surpass NP and even NS terminals, and it has turned out that NQ now cannot repeat function NT21 (a transparency and imposing of objects...). Still I have doubts in reliability NQ so there were many problems with other European series of terminals NT3S.