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  1. MAD42 analog module

    Yes I do have other things showing values. I should email you my program Let me know your thoughts.
  2. MAD42 analog module

    I still can not get this to work correctly. I have it running right now so I will have to wait till I can get into the program again. The one question I do have is, you mentioned that it is not an auto update. Here is what I have: I have a trailer that has a Omorn NS-12 display. I screen shows everything that is running. I also have a cell modem on this to check this trailer remotely. I have different inputs and outputs. What I am trying to do is see what the moisture value is coming off this equipment. You are saying that you can not get an auto update. Does that mean that if I wanted this moisture reading, I would have to go to the program and go thru the tranfer unit to pc everytime? On this trailer I can see the value on a monitor so it doesnt matter if its on the disply when I am at the unit. I just want to be able to see this value remotely and have it show on the omron display. Any suggestions?
  3. MAD42 analog module

    Do I Transfer[uNIT TO PC] or Transfer[PC TO UNIT] ?? I tried it both ways and figured I would have to transfer pc to unit, that right? I got a value of 525 in the conversion value does not seem like it is working at all. This is getting frustratiing for me. I am using input #2. So I will give every option: Input enabled, Input signal range 1-5V/4-20mA, Input mean values Mean value processing for 2 buffers, Input scaling lower limit is 0, upper limit is 500, Input voltage/current setting 4-20mA Is there anything I should check? Do different?
  4. MAD42 analog module

    ok, I did nothing with the input conversion value. That may be where I have to start. My 4-20mA signal will correspond with the values from 0-500. So what you are telling me is that I need to connect to the plc and transfer the value to plc. I have never done that. Everything else appears to be fine. I will check the unit and let you know. Thanks again for your help
  5. MAD42 analog module

    Am I missing something here? I have the MAD42 and have a 4-20ma input signal. I am trying to get that scaled so I can read it on cx-designer. Problem is that I have tried and tried and can not get it to read right on the screen. Am I adressing it worng? Scaling worng? I can attach a pic of what I got and maybe that will help. Or should I not use the MAD42? I have set up my program, so I can see the designer on a web page. I am using a cell modem. So I want to be able to see the screen and see where my moisture level is and it uses a 4-20 mA signal. Thanks in advance