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    Hi all, I am using Mitsubishi Q series PLC Q03UDV and I want to communicate TSC TC300 PRINTER to print QC code after i scan using a barcode scanner My questions are does anyone know the code for printing command?  i have previous like used Zebra GX420t  ZPL Commands and Configuration Receipt Callout Cross-Reference, write into the PLC program it working nicely. However i dont quite understand the command for TSC printer. Thank you! Regards sttchui
  2. Dear All, I looking to read the Cleco Nutrunner Data Controller Into Mitsubishi Q Series PLC, Does Anyone done this before? I cant find any related document on how to configure Mitsubishi PLC to Link with Cleco Controller. I am planning to used  Q06UDECPU & QJ71E71-100 to link with the Cleco Controller   Thank you!   Regards sttchui    
  3. Full page photo.pdf Hi,   Had anyone Have this problem, where the Siemen 226 CPU (s7 200CN) 6ES7 216 2BD23 0XB8 disconnect the Proface Model 3580207-02 AST3301-B1-d24 cause Damage to PLC comm port? I had just replace the CPU after the machine running for 20 years, it was running fine for 3 months, then Comm Port 1 fail, then i replace the touch screen port to Comm Port 0, it run for few more month also the same problem occur. the CPU is still on run mode. Can it be the grounding issue? or some other thing i need to check? i have replace with new CPU, it running ok at the moment Thank you
  4. Mitsubishi Instruction for reverse

    i using Q03UDECPU, i used Q03UDECPU port to pull the data from another computer, but the ASCII receive is all reverse
  5. Hi,   anyone can recommend for Melsoft for Q series instruction to reverse the ASCII code i receive the eg. bacode ABC12345 i wanted to change the code 54321CBA TO DISPLAY ON OTHER SCREEN   THANK YOU!   Regards sttchui  
  6. PS: i just go through sato web site apparently they have different code for starting print string for start print command code start print ESC+A = H411B i think i will try this tomorrow if to see it work or not. correct me if i am wrong, sato start print does not use STX command instead their own code. CL4NX_Programming Manual code1.pdf
  7. Hi Mr. Kaare_t thank you for the information, i trying using the 232 analyzer as you suggested, i try manually input the code to the print using my rs232 port no.2, monitor using port no.1 i can see the analyzer shown the correct output shown my attachment 25,26,27, however i still unable to print anything out From the sato printer control i have check baud rate 9600 even 1 Cable rs232 straighten type it is sending feedback to my card which i can see the RD light in C24 turn on/off, if i used a cross-cable the sato and plc will be error i can see in the sato parameter for control DEFAULT SETTING SOH 01 STX 02 CR 0D CNTBY 5E it is no responding to any of my command code, could be my program problem is still something wrong, or i need to program different for this barcode printer???? rsport25.pdf rsport26.pdf rsport27.pdf KRPRINTERPLCREV1.5.rar
  8. Hi, I need some help on how to write the command to print a string of ASCII code to a sato printer The sato printer model is CL4NX (2 unit) i using the serial port rs232 linking to my PLC serial communication card QJ71C24N-R2 to print from either one of the sato printer i have put my C24 card on slot no.4, the communication module seem to working alright, both RD & SD light are transmitting when i call the program But i still unable to call the printer to start printing the string, anyone can teach me how to program used the STX, ETX command of the sato printer? i have attach my program too, where or what command sld i be using to link with teh sato printer i using cross cable linking to my pc, i can see the sato print sending some command D1 or D3 when i put it online or offline. i using 232 analyzer to print but nothing ever happen The plc program i put D60 for channel selection KRPRINTERPLCREV1.3.rar 232.pdf
  9. Need help programming rfid v600 to mitsubishi QJ71c24n I trying to link v600 omron rfid to mitsubishi plc Qj71c24n-r4 but i not getting any response when i try to scan.i can link with omron plc with out any problem.any sample or reference on how to configure using gx developer. Thank you
  10. GC-56LC2

  11. Servo motor MR-H upgrade

    we have a project to convert Mitsubishi Servo Amp & Motor from MR-H upgrading but i very new to servo motor control i using TLAP (+10V Analog Torque Limit) & TLAN (-10V Analog Torque Limit) signal in CN1 of MR-H for Torque Control. can i use MR-J3 however, there is no TLAN signal for MR-J3. i noticed Thank you! Regards sttchui
  12. Dear all i tyring to replace the faulty SCU21-V1(previous version 1.2) to SCU21-V1 version 1.3 Revision A, PCB revision AA_, my CPU CJ1G-H CPU45 My cx programmer is version 9.20, when i try toi downlaod the SCU setting, it keep telling me unsucessfull download & come out alarm Protocol macro operation error & need to update??, It there an update version i need to upgrade before i can download? or i to do some some hardware configuaration??? PLease help! Thank you! Regards sttchui
  13. i try used it but the GOT show connection error on the touch screen. Maybe because i using the converter GT15-RS2T4-9P, the pin connection is different, i not using the GOT RS422 (due to delivery long period)port instead i still using the RS232 port & through the Converter then to PLC. I still unable find any detail connection for this converter. Thanks for the information crossbow, you been alot help in this forum Regards sttchui
  14. Hi, I changing my touch Screen From F900 to GT16, for two of my PLC's, One is FX1N, & other is A1SHCPU, i know both i using RS 422 to communication for previous GOT, since i changing the GOT to GT16 i bought the RS422 converter to RS232(GT15-RS2T4-9P), but i do not know the cable configuration for both of them. I go through the GT1000 connection manual but still unable find out where or how the connection should be,. i can used the SC-09 cable direct link to the GOT but on actual condition the Touch screen is located more than 20 mtr away from the main control panel, that why previously we used RS422 to communicated . any help or manual guide will be appreciated. Thank you! Regards sttchui