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  1. Hello Experts FT View clients displays and popups freeze sometimes for 40 seconds. This is a new facility, around 4 years old and this problem has been ongoing for around 3 month. are there any other options/ideas?
  2. cool video

    Good job really cool
  3. PID loop test

    Hi all I can't test the PID loop by GX simulator. PID instruction not working help me!
  4. Crusher plant

    Thanks for big recommendation. Now i'm planning to use ladder and with time delay startup and shutdown sequence. I would like some ornaments (conveyer SPD,etc). Could you show me some part of your project's. Thanks for help
  5. Crusher plant

    Dear all nice to meet you. I am working in minning industry which have a mobile crusher plant. Plant consist of primary crushing unit (jaw crusher), screen unit, secondary crushing unit (cone crusher),screen unit, joint conveyors, stockpile conveyors and electric control system (relays) etc. All the operational control system I would like replace by PLC. Please tell me which programing language is better for that (SFC , Ladder, Function block). Do we have a sample programs. Thank you for help