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  1. Reliance Electric

    Hi all. Been a while since I posted the original, but the other day I found copies of the ol Shark software in an obscure filing cabinet. Now, maybe I can load it in and play with it. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Reliance Electric

    Thanks jrwb4gbm. Thats just the kind of thing I was looking for. Fast reply too. You guys never fail to impress me. Ken, I wonder if that's because they are really reliable, or because no one is using them currently around your area. (Seattle, right?) I'm in Olympia, and these are the first ones I've seen.
  3. Reliance Electric

    Hi all. Checked the Rockwell and Reliance web sites for references to a couple of old plc's we have on the shelf. Reliance Electric Shark XL II series, 45c901 cpu. Not much info that I could locate. Anybody got any ideas where I could find software to program these old beasts, and where I could find out more of the specifications? Don't have a use for the plcs yet, but I like to find out what I can, before I need the info.
  4. Square D/symax

    Hello all. new to the site. I've checked the archives, and the forums, now I'll ask the experts. Have a Symax 300 PLC and original Compaq programmer. The boss wants all the different PLC's software on a PII laptop so we don't have to use multiple computers. The old comaq is on it's last legs Apparently, there is an interface card in the compaq, an SFI323, and it's an RS422 port. Naturally, the laptop only has an RS232. Anybody got any ideas on how to interface the laptop to the SYMAX? Thanks for your help in advance, I look forward to hearing your ideas. DJW