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  1. I am trying to install Step 7 basic Version 11 software to my laptop. I am getting an error during installation stating An error occured during installaion of Microsoft Installer (MSI). I have attached the error screen shot for reference. I am working with OS Windows XP Professional SP3, 4GB RAM Can anyone help what would be the problem for this error? Thanks Sebu
  2. Hello All, I am using Compact Logix L35E controller and Panel View 1200 for a project. I need to synchronise the HMI time with PLC. Can anyone help for synchronizing the time. Thanks Sebu
  3. Hi, I am working with ML 1400. I have a Digital flow meter connect to Input. I am using HSC Funtion for catch the pulses and to calculate flow. I tried to simulate the input and get the pulses in HSC but its not functioning. I have configured the HSC as well. I have attached the program file. Can anyone help in solving the problem. Thanks Sebu HSC Functionality.RSS
  4. Hi All, I am working with Micrologix controllers. I would like to know how can we calculate Flow (example: interms of GPM) based on the pulse inputs. In my case I am using paddel wheel. If anybody have the logic can you share with me? Regards Sebu
  5. GE Proficy Machine Edition issue

    Hi, Am using Proficy Machine Edition software ver 6.0(SIM 5) and facing an issue. My PME software goes blank once i tried to open my project, i don't know what is the reason behind that. I can able to open the sample project, this is for your info. If anybody is having an idea to overcome this issue, please share with me and their efforts are highly appreiciated. Further, i have attached the screen shot of the same for better understanding. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sebu PME Err Screen.bmp
  6. Siemens Sequence timer

    Hi , I am working with Siemens Simatic Manager. I am working with sequence which involves 50 steps. Each step will be going through specific time and I have to use the same timer. At end of specific step the timer needs to get rested and new step preset values will be given to timer. I face a problem at end of each step while the timer gets reset. Can any one help me how the timer can be formed. This would be of great help. Sebu
  7. S7-300 download error

    Hi, We are getting error code 13:4589 while we download an empty program to S7-300 controller,we have attached the scree short of ths same. We checked version detail also and they were found matching. Kindly let us know were we went wrong? Regards Sebastin
  8. WinCC Flexible Runtime

    Hi, I would like to know is there any settings to create runtime for the project. I have a sample project which I downloaded from site which can be run in runtime but the Project I have developed cannot be run in runtime. Can anyone suggest how this can be sorted. Regards Sebu
  9. Faceplates in Wincc

    Hi I am new to Wincc. I am working with WinCC Flexible 2008. I am done with program. I have used Functional Blocks for motors and Analogs. I have not used UTD. I have now started with HMI creation. Can anyone help me how to create faceplates for multiple objects. In help files I can see Faceplates are created for objects that are created as UTD in the program. Can anyone help to solve this issue. Regards Sebastian C
  10. Hi, I am new to Siemens Product. I have to use WinccFlex 12" Touch panel for my new project. Estimated number of screen is around 50. Approximate number of Tags wil be below 300. Can any one suggest me what Wincc software version and Hardware I need to use. Sebu
  11. Retentive Timer

    Hi, Can anyone help me what Timer I can use for Retentive timer in Siemens that is similar to RTO timer in Allen Bradley. Like the timer should be running when ever start input(S) is high and it has to hold the timer value when Start Input(S) becomes low. Again when start input(S) is high the timer should start from last hold value. Help please............ Regards Sebu
  12. Hi , I am new to Fanuc products. I am now working with Proficy Machine Edition 5.9 Ver, IC695CPU310 and Quick Panel. I have completed the programing and now I want to download the program and HMI to controller and Quick panel. I am planning to network the setup using Ethernet. Can I get help on how to assign IP addresses for Controller and Quick Panel. Once IP address has been assigned how can I communicate Controller with Quick Panel. Can I get help from anyone? Regards Sebu..
  13. Hi, I am new to GE Fanuc PLCs. I have installed GE proficy 5.90 software and I get a error while opening the Proficy software. I have attached the error for reference. Can anyone help in this regard. Regards Sebastian C
  14. Working with GE proficy ME 5.9

    Hi, I am going to work first time for a project in Proficy ME 5.9. I heard that thi package come with programing tool and SCADA tool.I have experience with AB and Siemens softwares. I would like to know is it easy to learn Proficy and directly work with projects with prvious experiene of AB. Where can I get help manual for Proficy ME 5.9. In GE site it ask for registration. Can anyone help me by providing the manual. Sebastian C
  15. Hi, I need some clarification in parameter passing using Wonderware Intouch. I have more than 100 motors. I need to have a popup for 100 motors for providing Manual start and stop from operator station. Its not possible to create 100 pop screens for 100 motors which will be confusing. I would like to have one pop up screen which will serve for all 100 motors. I would like to know how the parameters can be passed to the popup by clicking the motors. Regards Sebastian C