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  1. MX2 Inverter using INV003 Refresh

    Hi Peter, I had the problem with this function block sometime ago. I contacted Omron to be told there was an issue when using MX2. I was then sent an updated function block which works correctly. I have attached the new function block.   Regards, HM_Dava INV002_Refresh_X31_.cxf
  2. Omron Array Comparision

    I've just had go using a Double Signed Compare inside a FOR-NEXT Loop. The example compares an array of 32 double words starting at D100 with another array starting at D200. The result of each compare is displayed as a bit in W0.00 to w1.15 Will this do the job? 32 DINT Array Compare.cxp
  3. Connecting to PLC (CJ2) over EIP Wireless

    I've recently updated Cx-Programmer to V9.35 and it now works using Wireless and Ethernet/IP protocol on Windows 7 64 bit
  4. Connecting to PLC (CJ2) over EIP Wireless

    I can confirm that the problem affects both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 The problem affects wireless conection only.
  5. Connecting to PLC (CJ2) over EIP Wireless

    I can confirm that the problem exists on both 64 and 32 bit versions of Windows 7. I also have the same problem when trying to upload/download with CX-Designer to NS8 HMI's on the same ethernet-IP network. Everything works fine with Laptop using Windows XP and Laptop using Windows Vista 32 bit.
  6. Macro - bit value indexing

    You have set the starting value of $SW27 to H10 which is has a decimal value of 16 so incrementing by 2 six times = 28