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  1. FactoryTalk View SE Network

    Hei Chong Have you check your client PC window time same as your server PC time BR William
  2. PC clock update though CLX command

    Hi thanks for advise, anyone can help on this. Is there a tools rather than using script to change the PC clock
  3. PC clock update though CLX command

    thanks bob i am not so good on the scripting at RSView32. Do you have some sample to follow and try out. Appreciate on your help. Thanks
  4. PC clock update though CLX command

    thanks for reply, Yup i will get a command from DCS which are link to my CLX5000 through Modbus. When i get command from DCS, would like to use CLX to updatea given personal computer clock time where HMI RSview32 in it. i have try Logix5000 update clock tools but it seems to update my CLX clock only. Appreciate to get some help on this. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Is there any command or tools to change the PC clock through Controllogix Rslogix5000 CLX program. Appreciate to get some help. Thanks