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  1. RS 5000 Forces

    May be a really noob question, but.... We have a piece of equipment that we are going to make some modifications to. I am not very good at programming with AB but can do these simple things. However, when I enable my forces in the plc then right click my OTE the forces tabs are still greyed out. I would like to force a couple bits so the equipment can continue to run while I make my changes. Some will be forced on and most will be forced off. Pleae if you would help. I can not find how to get them to work. Like I said, I used the enable all I/O forces but it is still greyed out. Thanks Will
  2. The "Green Hand"

    New to GE. We have several cells that have multiple HMI's, with Proficy ME running on each. Whenever a problem pops up, we have to walk around these rather large cells to find where the "green hand" is turned on at and turn it off then go back where we were and turn it on. For whatever reason, we cant seem to get everyone to the point of turning it off when done. Is there any way to have it where it can be either on for all of them or have the one your at override the other and toggle it on here and off there? I know, sounds like silly question but it could save us much time in trouble shooting. Thanks Will
  3. Rslinx 2.5, can't install/configure PIC driver

    It is a 2711 K6C5, using RS232 Communications. Have it tied to a 5/03 on ch 0.
  4. Rslinx 2.5, can't install/configure PIC driver

    Can you tell me how to get around the serial port problem? I too can not install the pic driver. I need to talk to a panelview and can not get it to communicate. I have been trying to use the 9300-USBS with no success. Our laptops are leased and we have no input on what we get, and none of them have serial ports any longer. I am trying to talk with corp IT to get a few with serial ports but that will be down the road. Any help is appreciated. Will
  5. barcode reader

    Thanks for the quick reply, but I am limited to what I have in-house, which is the AB Basic module 1746-BAS.
  6. barcode reader

    Heron8888, I could sure use the info you have. I have a basic module and am trying to use a Symbol LS3408-FZ20005R BARCODE SCANNER. Using two would be ideal. I think I have the basic module programming and slc programming both screwed up. The processor is a 5/04 if you need that. Thanks Will
  7. I think I already know the answer to this, but.......... We are running VersaView panels for one of our shippers. I have the Rsview Studio software. However, the person that created the project has left under less than good sircumstances. So, with that said, we do not have the .apa file to restore from. Is there any way that anyone knows of that we can upload the .mer files from the panel and go from there? I fear that I am going to have to start over and rebuild the whole project. But then there is much I do not know about this software. Thanks for any help. Will
  8. Control logix to Motoman Robot

    Thanks Ken, Thats what I was looking for. Thanks to all who replied.
  9. We will be installing a Motoman robot on one of our lines. It will have Motoman's "Anybus" card. The controlnet will cable directly to the card. I am wondering how to use this set up for I/O? I see in the manual that I need to map to memory addresses. I know,........I am over my head. Motoman's response has been so far........we will send you a book. I can see that the memory maping is like : 20060....b7 b6 b5 b4 b3 b2 b1 b0 as the fieldbus input byte 1 20080....b15 b14 b13 b12 b11 b10 b09 b08 as the fieldbus input byte 2 etc. etc. How do I address a tag to turn these bits on and off? Hope I gave enough info. Thanks Guys. Forgot to mention, I do have rsnetworx for control net.
  10. Control Logix Serial Port

    I am using a control logix 1756-L55 and have two stationary scanners on my line, they are fed to a Black Box brand sequencer and then to the serial port. My problem is (I think) noise that is hitting my scanner cabling or the sequencer itself. We are having to power down the black box, and power it back up to get it to clear. I have contacted them and can find no solution. There are times when this locks up the serial port on the processor. I have in place a bit to clear the port, but I need advise on how to find the source of the noise or whatever it is so I can make a "Fix". Has anyone had simular problems? Any one have a good remedy? Thanks Will
  11. LOGIX 500 Loading VERRRRRYYYYYYY Slow

    Thanks a million, this worked. You are all such a great resource.
  12. LOGIX 500 Loading VERRRRRYYYYYYY Slow

    I am also running XP Pro. I looked, but am unsure of what I am looking for. I did notice that the OS is listed as NT. Is this the same with you? I am trying to paste whats there, but cant do the copy thing. the path for rockwell seems LLLOOOOONNNNGGGG but looks like it should be right. all on the C drive. Thanks.
  13. Need Help My RS Logix 500 (and 5000 also) For some reason is now loading VERRY SLOW. I am talking like 87 seconds the last load. This has worked fine up till yesterday. I have cleaned the temp files on the laptop etc. I even did the "repair" thing on the install disk, no help. Has anyone ran accros this before? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Moving Logix,

    Thanks I will try that.
  15. Moving Logix,

    Does anyone know what file to move that will allow me to keep my current list of IP address' so I do not have to type them all in again? I have a running ton of em, and I am having to switch laptops. any help?