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  1. Hello! I am pretty new to PLCs and I am doing a small project for my class. I am making an LED turn On/Off using the force function and I need to send the results in terms of 1's and 0's to an MSOffice Access database through the RS232 cable. I have the basic RSLogix500 7.0 version and the RSLinx Lite version. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks..
  2. Setting an IP address for Micrologix 1100

    Thank you...
  3. Hello, I am trying to connect the Micrologix 1100 PLC to an OPC server (MatrikonOPC- 30 days trial version). I have RSLinx Classic Lite version and I am trying to assign an IP address to the ML1100. Do I need a higher version of RSLinx to achieve this? If the Lite version is enough for assigning, could anyone lead me to a tutorial showing how to assign one or tell me how to do it myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated....
  4. Thank you...this seems to be just right for my purpose!
  5. Thank you...I will look into this option...
  6. Well, I attended a class in PLCs and I wanted to do a simple project on my own. I just wanted to do a project where I could do the front end and the dashboard which displays a result and not just learn how to program the PLC. Instead of using the force function in the RSLogix, I wanted to create an Access database which could be used to control the PLC. Its just for demostration purpose and I am not going to be using the OPC server for long. Hence, I thought of going for a trial version of the software. It would be great if I could use it for 30 days....
  7. I am trying to make the Micrologix 1100 to connect to an Access database. I have only the RSLinx Classic Lite version which does not have the DDE/OPC funtionality, I know that I would need a higher version of the software to make it work. I am only a student and I cannot afford to upgrade to the higher version (costs about 995$). Can anyone suggest a free to try software for achieving this?? Please.... Thanks