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  1. Proface LT/GP Remote View from Second LT/GP

    No replies to this so I got in contact with Proface directly. Here's what they had to say... " SP5000 open box + GP-Viewer EX/RemoteHMI for Win would be the solution for the requirement. SP5000 Open Box is running windows OS, so it can be used just like a PC.Similar thing might be possible on other HMI model with the combination of RPA(Remote PC Access) + GP-Viewer EX/RemoteHMI for Win, but this requires extra license products. And as far as I know it has never tested before.At least there's no function like your original expects and normally creating duplicate screens will be better solution."Copy From Another Project" utility will help for that. Please refer to OLH for instruction details. "  
  2. Is there any way of viewing a remote Proface GP or LT screen inside a second GP or LT screen? I want to do this to avoid creating and loading duplicate screens. Essentially it would be like using GP Viewer-EX where the PC is replaced with another GP or LT unit.
  3. Non-technical Question

    I hear ya, thanks.
  4. Unable to find anything on Google, is anyone aware of AB's intentions with RSView32? Is it to be replaced by SE? Timeframe for replacement? Or will the two run side-by-side in perpetuity. Not trying to start a rumour here, genuine question!