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  1. How do I simulate it then?
  2. Thanks so much again Henrique I got comms upand going. Is there a simulation mode in twidosuite I can use to simulate my code and check if it can all work ok. My plc is a Twido TWDLCDA40DRF.
  3. How do I know when my HMI and PLC are communicating. I have an XBT Z9780 cable between them and have made the HMI the master and the plc address 1. My com light is flashing but my tags dont appear to be working. How do I know if my comms are ok. Is there any out there to work from. On powerup it is telling me "no reply from plc within timeout period and an exclaimation mark (!) is over all of my numeric displays.
  4. Thanks again Henrique, this information has been invaluable to me.
  5. Sorry to be a complete pest henrique, but im still having difficulty creating buttons between screens. There are no real examples of how a button is created then used as a jump to another screen. Any info you could give would be great!
  6. I have been able to start the plc program ok but I am having difficulty with the Hmi. What other Manuals are there on the Hmi to help me do simple things like put in a button or assign tags. The help tab givens sum info but surely there is more available than this. My hmi is a Magelis XBTGT2330 and im using Vijeo Designer v4.6.0.7613. Any help would be great thanks
  7. My problem here is that I have a PLC and HMI which are programmed in siemens and because the customer has requested it, it must be changed to Schneider to tie in with their other machines on site. From this point of view it should be fairly simple, as all I have to do copy the siemens program to schneider except I have never used schneider before and havent a clue how to put my program together. I am using a TWDLCDA40DRF with Input card TWDDDI8DT and Analog card TWDAMI2HT and HMI XBTGT2330. The HMI and PLC are connected through a serial cable. Any help or programming manuals available would be much appreciated for PLC and HMI programs. I have the software for both but am having real difficulty using them.
  8. Where can I get information on how to program a TWDLCDA40DRF PLC and an XBTGT2330 HMI. I have never programmed Telemecanique before?
  9. s7200 communication

    Yes this is correct but I dont know how to use the modbus or what programming instructions to use though on the master side or slave side. Are there any programming examples available
  10. s7200 communication

    The DCD file is the churchill radio file.
  11. s7200 communication

    I have 2 s7224's at remote locations and I have to use churchill microlinks to transmitt to communicate to 1 s7226 on another part of the site which would probably make it the master and leave the 2 s7224's as slaves. I am not very familiar with siemens and want some advice on how I use my modbus protocol in my program and link it with a dcd file from the churchill. Any help would be great!
  12. s7200- Creating a status word

    Hey there im fairly new to siemens plc's. Have an s7200 and I want to take information from a vsd. I think I need to bring it to a status word in my plc and then buffer into registers so that I can use the alarms I am getting from the drive and display them on the HMI and interlock the rest of my program. Problem is I dont know how to create this.I have done a pid loop and I think it is ok. Any help appreciated!
  13. Hey there, what leads are required to program the PLC and HMI mentioned above?
  14. Thanks JC i will see about getting what I need!