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    Hi Nil, thank for your answer. I tested OB1 PI and IW addresing in my program and it is working properly with analog input modules, 331-7KF02-0BA0, but with analog output cards it dosn't work and as i described at first it is working but when i remove first module and insert again then remove second module and insert again , it doesn't work. also I programmed OB 30,31,32,...,38 but OB 30 and 31 didn't downloaded to PLC, just OB32 downloaded. Another question, what is PIP? how it works? When we use PIP? thanks and regards, Pioneer.
  2. S7 IO REDUNDANCY;Language=en

    HI NIL, thank you.

    Hi Nil, thank you for your reply.I read the manual, it was very helpful. but unfortunately I don't know the result of FB 450 where be saved. in simatic manager help about FB 450 I read a text like this: "First the two values of the analog input channels are read and analyzed to see if they are within the allowed discrepancy window. If both values are within the discrepancy window, a uniform value that was set in the hardware configuration (min/max), is formed and written to the lower memory area of the process input image. Following this, the uniform value of the channel is saved in the appropriate DB." my question is which DB?how can I define this DB , or if it is pre-defined how can i reach this DB? I mean if I want to use the result of this two values,for example in HMI how could I reach to this value? what is lower memory area of the process input image how can I reach this value? I want to use this value in HMI. Thanks and best regards. Pioneer

    Hi Nil, thank you for your fast reply. OK, also I have one redundant output but I want to know how must I program inputs and then outputs. I couldn't understand, can I use RETURN VALUE OF FB450 instead of PT-304_1?(in picture FC 105 needs input, and input is PT-304 that is redundant,not PT-304_1.) I mean what I must use for FC105 input ? if answer is yes, how I can do this? best regards.

    Hi Nil, all hardware configuration is OK. my problem is in programming. also I send you some screen shots. regards.

    hello Nil, thank you for your reply. it was very helpful,but as i attached my program screenshot, in one FB I get a redundant analog input and process it.(PT-304 as I described in image.) I know it is wrong because the other input (PT-304_2) has no role here! Exactly my question is this,how I must use FB 450 here? can I use RETURN VALUE OF FB450 instead of PT-304_1?if answer is yes, how I can do this? I will be pleasure if you give me a sample project if you have.(email : I took a look at S7 sample project, but it wasn't helpful! Thanks and best regards. Pioneer untitled.bmp

    Dear Nil, thank you for your reply. I mean one channel analog input and one channel analog output. for this I used two analog input and two analog output cards.I have two ET200M racks and each rack has one AI and one AO card. How I must call FB450 & FB451? in which OB I must call this FBs? I programmed OB1 as main program cycle.

    hello dear all, as i am new in citect, in my project i have problem with citect sound. i set an alarm in category 1 and when this tag is activated it must sound an wave file in a loop until the tag is deactivated. i use a function in cicode as below: FUNCTION PlayAlarmSound() INT I=1 WHILE I<>0 DO DspPlaySound("C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\User\JNL\Urgent.WAV",0); Sleep(3); END END in "alarm>alarm categories>on action" I entered PlayAlarmSound(); when i run the project and enable that tag, alarm sounds one time unwilling,because it must sound it a loop for hardware alarm an alarm accrues like this: foreground cicode cannot block ........... sleep ........... PlayAlarmSound my sound file length is about 1 second. so what is my problem,what is going wrong?
  10. Need help with Citect super genie

    ok, thanks for your reply. I did as you described, all things is ok. now I want to show pump tag in my faceplate(super genie) like this PUMP 1,PUMP 2,... or its service like as Sea Water, Condensated Water, ... I defined this tags as string in variable tags database.and in facepalte (super genie) I inserted text and it displays =?string 3? . but it doesn't show anything! what is going wrong? regards.
  11. Need help with Citect super genie

    as i described before, i have problem with passing an string to super genie. what procedure do you use for it? thanks.

    Dear all, as I am doing a project that have one analog input and one analog output as redundant, so I must use io redundancy blocks in my project. I have looked to Simatic Manager samples and there is one sample for this application but it is not clear and i don't understand it. please, if any body knows how is this configuration, help me. thanks.
  13. Need help with Citect super genie

    Dear all, i could solve the problem, in second picture we must use PFPFunc() like this: PFPFunc("%StartTag%",""%LRTag%") and I had forgotten quotation marks (""). I also have another problem with passing an string to super genie. I used ?DIGITAL 1?,?DIGITAL 2?,?3?,?STRING 4?. all of them works fine but STRING. the #booty error occurs here for string too. can anybody help me??? Pioneer
  14. Need help with Citect super genie

    ok,thanks can you give me some project that have faceplate like that i used?
  15. Need help with Citect super genie

    The "dotted" graphics usually mean there is no communications with your IO device. This has nothing to do with the super genies. You can check IO device communications in the kernel (alt+tab in runtime > Kernel > IO device)