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  1. CP1L USB drivers for Vista Business

    Ok problem has been solved the drivers that were posted here worked. Turns out our CX-One version is only 2.12 no-ones wanted to upgrade to 3.0 yet. The CX-Programmer has updated itself to 7.3 with supports the CP1L via usb but the drivers provided just arn't vista compatible. Atleast everything is working for now.
  2. Hello, Im having problems with CX-One v7.3 on vista business 32-bit Ive just started running the CP1L series of plc's and when i connect the plc to my laptop via the USB cable it asks for a driver file to be installed. Usually i would install the driver file from the drivers or USB folder in the CX-Server folder but the provided USB drivers will not install on vista and i get an error message saying they are not valid 32-bit drivers. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a work around? I have contacted Omron and their tech support guys locally have no idea, they had not heard of such and issue but were unable to test the problems as they don't have vista on a system in the office to test it.