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  1. NS screen programming over mobil network

    sorry for the late reply missed this.   The touch screen is The plc is The router is set to The gate way is set to if it was not the hosted web page would not work on the touch screen from the vpn over the wan.
  2. latest cxone installer ?

    HI I have cxone v4.4 dvd is there a later image so I don't have to do all the updates after install every time?
  3. multifunction button NA5

    Hi In the NB and NS screens there was the ability to have a multi function button operating as a button and as a data lamp in the NA screen there does not seem to be this function or am i missing something? I can't create a button with more than two feedback states by the look of it and I can't add a variable to a datalamp.   ultimately I'm after the following for example : No image or colour (shows valve is offline) red open green closed blue opening orange closing yellow open fault purple close fault. Flashing to show it is in manual mode (in any of the above states) touch indication to my plc            
  4. Buttons with graphics in NA

    you can't have odd shaped buttons they are limited the standard round/ elipse and rectangle,
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Ability to use grouped objects as buttons and bitlamps as opposed to just graphics jpg png etc.. The ability to apply events to all items in the grouped object would also work at least for buttons.    
  6. Buttons with graphics in NA

    Yes Omron France and one of the screen demos online have these graphics there is also a NS library that was provided by my local Omron people. i have heaps of buttons and switches lamps  and generic stuff but it would be nice to use my own created objects or some way to export them to an image  
  7. Buttons with graphics in NA

    Yes that works for an image but not for graphics created in Sysmac studio I cant add events to graphics as it seems. I have drawn an object grouped it and stored it as a custom library object but I cant seem to use my graphics or the built in graphics for that matter. I'm guessing the only way to do it is to create a subroutine or event for the page specify the element or object name for custom graphics but I'm not really sure how to do this or if I can. As you see below I have the grist case object highlighted and showing the events and property's but I can't add events and actions to it. I can make it visible based on an variable in the properties window but i cant add events to it. I cant use the created graphics as an image either from creating a button or image object what I could do is print screen the graphics save it as a png /jpeg etc but in this case it wont work. As the image is square and my mill auger on an angle would overlap the gristcase image button as I cant just use the image as the button the background of the image also becomes part of the button. For an example If I just create a single graphics element (a circle for instance) I can create an event and action but if I grouped two circles together into a grouped object I can't create an event for the object.     can create event: Can't create event:
  8. Buttons with graphics in NA

    So I have created created some graphics for my display but it seems I cant use them as buttons directly. It looks like I can only use images or create image-less buttons on top of my graphics but I'm unable to actually use them as buttons directly or am I missing something ? I see that I can view code of the background page and maybe assign a subroutine or event to that grouped object but it seems like a long winded stupid option.    
  9. NA touch screen graphics library

    Is there a extra or external graphic library for use with sysmac studio? The designs of buttons etc are quite limited to the NS touch screen built in options.  
  10. Sysmac studio download

    Yip I downloaded the installer from your link and it installed with out the directx issue as i had with installer 1.43 .   I then updated to the latest using the updater and no issue with directx.
  11. Sysmac studio download

    Previously on my pc I had installed Sysmac studio but with the latest installer 1.43 it says I need a directx 11 capable video card when trying to install from fresh. Is this a new requirement as it worked previously on the same computer I was installing from an older installer is there a way to bypass this?
  12. Sysmac studio download

    My computer hdd failed and I have a real old copy of sysmac studio. Not wanting to do a day worth of updates as the omron site is slow as hell can I download the 30 trial standard edition and use my licence to make it full.
  13. please you help me, use a function block to set a password for plc Omron

    this is a way to set a password in a cpm1a through ladder code
  14. memory adressing method questions.

    I guess yes it took longer to write than try but in my defence i was at home not at work at the time Thanks for your reply I'm on the right track now.
  15. socket service to datamax /zebra printer sample

    ok so the title says it all I have made a program to transmit data to a datamax or zebra printer using socket service but I can't seem to get it to work. It has to be something silly as the code looks robust enough. I believe there is a software called multiway that i was told to download to capture tha packets but im not getting that far as i'm unable to sucessfully open a socket and I don't know why. would someone be able to help me ? socket service printer.cxp