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  1. A RTD is hooked up to a ADU206 Compact analog card. The range is 0-80 degrees C. Using the SUB command I can use the decimal value of 2750 to send a shut down at 55 C. I am however also want to take this value and display it in celsuis and not the raw data. Can someone explain/ example on how to perform this?
  2. Compact Logix to Panel View 600

    The 26487 link was usefull thanks but the 20512 link required a support contract which I don't have is there any where else I can get and example?
  3. Compact Logix to Panel View 600

    The panel view has a RS-232 port as well as an Etherenet 10/00 port. I have panelview 32 for programming.
  4. Compact Logix to Panel View 600

    I am starting a new project and would appreciate some advive on how to communicate betwwen a compact logix 1769-32E and a PV600 both have Ethernet. I have found a post on have to set up the Ethernet setting on the PV but the selection for node type suggest that I need a 1761-NET-EN. My first question is can't one use the Ehternet port on th porcessor and if so what selection does one make from the node type. Second question is, I am familiar with the adressing when it comes to RSlogix between the two but not sure about how to program between the two using tags and their adresses. An example would be apprecited for a read and write.