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  1. C200H-LK201 Host Link Problem

    Hi, I have tried comms in-situ with the serial cable both plugged in & absent. I have also removed the backplane & tried comms without the I/O modules in place. The I/O modules are a combination of 122's 222's & a 215. If you are correct & the LK201 does not form part of the IO table, the possibility still remains that my 201 is faulty. Is there a way of checking this? Thanks for your help - most appreciated Matty
  2. C200H-LK201 Host Link Problem

    Thanks for the advice Michael, I have configured the pin setting (RS232 9 to 25) as per the omron helpsheet. Still the same error. I have since found out that the original installers never used a rack mounted host link for these systems but comms were via a CPU mounting host. Do you think this route could provide an answer? Or is that wishful thinking ! Matty
  3. C200H-LK201 Host Link Problem

    Thanks...that sounds logical enough. I dont have a hand held....only software...even when I power up with software connected I still get the PLC error display. Incidently the 201 i am using is the V1 rack mount which adds even more sense to your reply. Do you think the 201 CPU mount version would bypass this error ?
  4. Hi to all, I am currently assisting in the installation of a facility in India which is using 2 systems each using a C200H PLC. I am currently trying to access the programme using the LK201-V1 host link. Without the host link the C200H shows in run condition I power down, insert the host link, power up & immediately receive the flashing red error on the C200 I get the same problem when connecting to the other system I have also the same problem when tried with the backplane only my SW settings are 0,0,5,2 with rear switch settings 1 off, 2off, 3 on, 4 off. I am assuming the common fault here is the it common for the host link unit to fail? Can it be checked? Or am i missing the obvious here . Any help is appreciated, welcome and definitely most needed Thanks Matty