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  1. Happy birthday to you....

  2. SLC 5/05

    I did grab the MMI back up CD for the plating system. I can look on there and see if anything will help. It has files like... KEY,RCP,TAG,Tgs,VBA Mcr baker.rsv Dlglog commands.sec DTS users.act Gfx
  3. SLC 5/05

    Any where I can get RSview32 software? Ebay possibly? Even then would I be able to connect with XP? I'm trying to make a training/experiment/maintenance station. I bought a female/female serial cable, can I hack it open and swap the Rx Tx wires around and wa-la a null modem? If not, I'll have to get an adaptor. Anyone know the pin out of a null modem? Thanks
  4. SLC 5/05

    We recently went out of business and I helped tear down the plant. Anyway, they were going to toss a control panel for a plating operation and I took the AB PLC home. The thing is I forgot the software. So I DL the demo program and RS Linx classic, but I only have Windows XP. When I try to get connected to the PLC CPU, I get XP is not supported. Any ideas? Do I need Windows NT (previously) to be able to tinker around with my PLC? Also, do I need a null modem DB 9 cable to connect with my laptop? I want to keep up my skills and try to get a job in this industry. Thanks! Dave