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  1. Will Unity allow indexed addressing of a bit reference in an integer variable? That is, I want to make a boolean evaluation of integer %MW1000.[index} where "Index" is an integer variable used to select which bit in %MW1000 is evaluated. TIA
  2. Red Lion G310 popups

    By experimentation, I discovered that when the popup page is displayed, the soft key actions have no effect (providing the popup has a button associated for that location). I had changed the popup buttons to change value of a tag that I dropped on each of the normal pages. Try it. Set the actions on the soft keys to "None" then use the menu key to open the popup page. Pressing the soft key will activate the button on the popup. Then restore the soft key actions and move one of the buttons on the popup page well away from the left edge. Pressing the soft key adjacent to that button will execute the action of the soft key and will not activate the button on the popup.
  3. Red Lion G310 popups

    Always learning.... I edited the button actions on your popup to change value instead of goto page. Clicking the soft key activates the button on the popup that is horizontally adjacent within some distance from the left edge of the popup. If there is no "button" located in that area, the soft key has no effect, regardless of it's local or global action. That is, another type object with an action connected does not get activated, nor does the soft key action. "With great power comes great responsibility"
  4. Red Lion G310 popups

    So the soft keys are just activating the buttons on the popup page? And if there is not a button on the popup associated with the soft key, the global action takes affect? Is there a rule as to how the soft keys are associated to popup buttons and is this actually explained in the documentation somewhere? Thanks for the guidance!
  5. Red Lion G310 popups

    I never give up. This is a rare project for me that is not time critical yet. I have been working on other tasks with higher priorities (read paying) in the mean time. For this application, I'm developing a product that has a Modicon M340. I was originally using a Magelis screen, but that is crippled for my purpose by lack of data storage capability. Then I looked at a GE QuickPanel PC which I abandoned for more reasons than I care to elaborate on here. A coworker was using a Kadet and told me that the Red Lion product was the greatest thing since sliced bread (he's young and inexperienced) so I decided to look at it. This is the first hurdle I came across, but I have to say it looks promising. And Gmail decided my notifications from were spam. Edit: typo
  6. Red Lion G310 popups

  7. Red Lion G310 popups

    I'm trying to build an application for a G310 using Crimson 3.0 and I can't get the Soft Keys or Menu Key (by soft and menu key I'm referring to the hard buttons on the bezel) to perform when I pull up a popup menu screen. Isn't that the point of the popup menu; to provide legends for the Soft Keys? I have a display page where I have assigned the menu key to Goto Page with Show As set to popup menu. That page displays a rectangle with text adjacent to the each of the soft keys. Each soft key is set to change a tag to a different value. The menu key is set to Hide Popup ( I also tried Hide All Popups) Once the popup menu is displayed it seems the only thing that responds is a touch action I added on the popup menu page itself, regardless of the setting for the Master Slide on that page. Am I missing something?
  8. I wish I had seen this post a year ago. I have to agree with all your opinions.
  9. If I have violated the ethical values of this site, the correct response would be for an administrator with the proper authority to remove the topic. Otherwise, don't question my scruples in a public forum.
  10. Has anybody come up with a method for using non-Telemecanique M340 Memory cards? It really chaps my a$$ to think I have to pay almost $500 for a 128Mb SD card. Edited to remove illegal verb
  11. 1734-232ASC

    Bob, Can you cite the knowledgebase article number? The link doesn't seem to work with Rockwells new improved knowledgebase. Also can you provide more info regarding the 7 bit glitch? That's what is currently causing me grief, trying to transmit 7E1 to a barcode reader. T.I.A.