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  1. Half Screen when app is opened.

    I came here searching for a solution to this exact problem. My request to Omron Tech support: >>> I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad PC with Win 10 Pro. I think I have isolated the problem. From a fresh boot, I tried five programs: File Explorer, Outlook, 505 Workshop, NanoCAD, Banner safety, Excel spreadsheet. All maximise and restore their window sizes as normal. Then I started Omron CX-Programmer – its full screen uses only the top 84% of the screen. NanoCAD stayed full screen if I maximise/restore it, but all the others would only max to the 84%. I closed and re-opened CAD; now it will maximise only to the same spot as the others. If I drag any of the windows to my external monitor, they  – CX-P included – will open and completely fill the screen. Ergo, CX-P is changing something about the screen dimensions, and it is affecting (most) programs opened before or after itself. Is this a known issue with CX-P? >>>>  I found that Steve D.'s solution works to fix it:  I had the same issue: goto display settings (right click on the desktop) and set Scale and layout to 100% (default seems to be 125% for some reason). This fixed mine. Although, at 100%, the fonts are a bit too small for my tired eyes... I also experimented with changing the Scale to 100, 125, 150, 175%, and yes, CX-P takes up a proportionally smaller area of the screen, and locks other programs from using that lower area. So changing the scaling to 100 for CX-P and setting the Options - Ladder Display to larger font will be my fix for now, and then change my Scaling back to 125% when I am finished with CXP.  Another work-around: Restore (not Maximise) the CXP window, then drag its bottom border to the bottom of your screen. This works for me, but when I drag the top of CX-P too close to the top of my screen, Windows wants to automatically Maximise it, and it reverts to the truncated window. Usually it takes me two tries to get it there. Note - Renaming GMAN.EXE seemed to solve it. But what did I lose? The little pop-up Ctrl-I display which I never use anyway?
  2. I'm looking for a legal copy of Automax Executive for the Automax 7010 PLC. Version not important, but the newer, the better, please.