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  1. GT Designer 3

    Hi Gambit. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Your solution to my problem worked a treat. Thanks for that, Denbo
  2. GT Designer 3

    I want to put a Numerical Input on the screen to show a timer counting up. How do I make the display show whole seconds instead of tenths of a second as set by K in the timer? Is there somewhere that I can divide the input by 10? Thanks Denbo
  3. Adapter Driver

    Hi. I'm having loads of trouble connecting to a SIMATIC S7-200. I bought a USB to RS485 Adapter but I can't seem to get the driver to install. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved. Den
  4. Logimaster 90 Configuration Package Problem

    Hi Steve Thanks for your rapid response and I am pleased to say your instruction has worked. Off to work shortly to pass on your information to a couple of my colleagues who were having the same problem. We are normally using Mitsubishi but have now to get our heads round GE Fanuc. Thanks again Denbo.
  5. Logimaster 90 Configuration Package Problem. Sequence followed using a 90-30 with Logimaster: F2 for Configuration Package Select Program Folder, Enter F1 for I/O Configuration The message Busy…Please WAIT comes up and the computer locks up and the only way to unlock my computer is to End Task (Ctrl-Alt-Del). Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to get this function to work. I have Windows ME running my laptop. Thanks Denbo.