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  1. Hot Standby Question

    Correct me if I am wrong, will I use a splitter (for MODBUS) to be able to connect it on both primary and standby CPU?
  2. Hi, Just want to confirm if is it possible to add a modbus connection to a Hot Standby configuration (Quantum) with existing Remote I/O drops. The CPU Module is 140 CPU 67 160. I also used a Ethernet Module (NOE 771 01) for the network communication. The specs say that I should connect the CRAC Units via modbus cable to the CPU's. Is it possible since the CPU module has a modbus port? If yes, do I still need other modules (specifically for modbus connection) ? Hope that someone can help me.
  3. Vijeo Citect Help

    I usually encounter this problem on Vijeo Ctiect saying.. "Page'!Startup' has been compiled against an incompatible version of the user library functions. CitectSCADA needs to be restarted. Restart CitectSCADA now?" Once I put it on RUN thats what it does. Is there a solution to this? When I try to enter WHILE DO and IF conditions, usually it happens but not all the time? I tried reopening Citect but sometimes the same result happens
  4. Unity Pro XL 7.0

    Yeah, your right about the Citect course but for now I'm still waiting for my seniors to send me to but for sure I'll be able to attend one. I was wrong about the first part, I suddenly realized it now. All I just want to know is the proper format of the cicode because I find the Help confusing. Since you showed me three examples, I understood more about it. So far, from your help, I was able to increase and decrease water level so far. I'll take your advice. Thank you again.
  5. Unity Pro XL 7.0

    Sorry again if I mislead you.. I was trying to show on the run mode that Level,Levelup and their respective tank fill graphic (which i represent as a rectangle) is equal to whatever value I enter into cicode. If possible can you show it to me even without pushing any button? What i mean is when in RUN MODE Level and Levelup automatically changes after i edit their values into the cicode. Thank you for helping me. It really helped me understand more.
  6. Unity Pro XL 7.0

    Hello, I tried reading some help files this afternoon. But more questions just came up... I also observed some Cicode files of example files and tried to do it on my project but nothing happens. Would you help me even just on the initialization of my values? I would probably get it... This is what I did so far on Cicode... INT iInitialLevel = 50; // Initialization Value - Local Variable INT iInitialLevelup = 20; // Initialization Value - Local Variable FUNCTION WaterTank(); //I just wrote WaterTank Level = iInitialLevel; //Level is a Variable Tag Levelup = iInitialLevelup; //Levelup is also a Variable Tag END As I observed on example files... InitialLevel and InitialLevelup were just declared in the Cicode (Is that right)? I tried to run it but on the graphic builder, Level and Levelup values is still 0. On the Function name, I don't know yet if I could just assign a Function Name(WaterTank). Hope that u can help me.. even just on the Initialization of values
  7. Unity Pro XL 7.0

    You were right. I was not able to mention that I am using Vijeo Citect for the process visualization. Sorry about the wrong TOPIC (my fault). So here's my situation again. I need to do the graphics representation using Vijeo Citect. A water tank level control (with start/stop and drain function. I can't understand yet how to show the increase of water when start is pushed, maintain the reached water level when stopped and decrease when drain is pushed. I used to do Wonderware Intouch Software during college. Example: IF Start = 1 then; Level = Level + 1; ENDIF and so on... Is there a programming style like this on Vijeo Citect? Can you show me how? maybe explain it on a MSword file.. my email
  8. Unity Pro XL 7.0

    Hi. I have a very confusing problem.. Since I dont have any training on this software (so far). I was requested to do a simple presentation (using Cicode) but the problem is all i know (from the guide i got from Unity) is how to do a button and a slider.. . Can u help me on programming this. I was thinking of a simple water tank (start-stop w/ drain) level control (this is my problem). Level increases when start button is push kinda logic.. As my name says " I'm a newbie" and I tried to read and understand example files but I think its to complicated for me (for now). Hope u can help me. Thanks a lot.
  9. Unity Pro XL

    Can I show it in the PLC Configuration (LOCAL BUS)?
  10. Unity Pro XL

    Hi. I'm just new in programming. I would like to ask if how to show a hot standby illustration in the program. Is it possible to show? Becasue the Primary and HSBY PLC is address as 1; or is it automatic once you configured the first PLC? Sorry about the question.