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  1. ascii read

    hellow I trayng to read ascii code on LT-4301TM , from a honeywell scaner , I can view the ascii on the screen no problem but in mi leader show a difrent numer 
  2. ok tnks for the respons , I well let you now the results
  3. Tnks for the help , now I got oder issue , I need to read parameter 559 that is a encoder read, this is the set up screen of mi MSG ins.
  4. ok now evriting is runing fine mi mistake the las msg instuction was set as a wigth and soud be a read!!!
  5. ok bot dirvers have a difrent IP aderres , but can't read data from mi second driver for example on N20:3 I can read the speed of mi driver # 1 and I can set a speed refrence for the same driver on N20:22 but I got no idea of wher I can send spped refernce or read the actual speed of mi secon driver
  6. ok acording to manuals I can read amd wrigt to N files N40 , 41,42,....... 67 I need to send a non 0 value form a N41:0 file to the driver , ok waht I can'd under stan is how I cand send the value to mi second driver , and more spesific , where I can read the values of mi second driver!! COWELL.RSS
  7. hi all: I got tow powerflex and a micrologix 1400 on a EtherNET via a switch and a componet 600 HIM , I need the 2 power flex talk to the PLC , I using explisit messages , mi problem is I can configure a read msg's and write msg's to mi firsth driver using the examples on the manuals , but I got no idea of how to read and write to mi second driver , I post mi leader logic
  8. problems instaling Windows XP pro SP2

    Thanks for the replays at this point I order a new larger hard drive
  9. problems instaling Windows XP pro SP2

    Tnks for the replay I can boot from CD and windows start to install but went I get to the screen where I should select to repair or install I select to install and after this I got a message that no HDD is detected
  10. HI: I got this lap top (gateway mx6955)from mi brohter, is runing a ubuntu OS so I try to install a windows XP profesional SP 2 and I got a message that no hard drive is detected and I got no idea on how to fix this problem whent i go to explore the PC I can see a file sistem folder in stead of C: what I can do to install Windows?
  11. vb and ml 1500

    Thanks BobLfoot as you suggest in the fisrt replay I contact a local integrator how is an expert in VB so he well help me whit the first PC and the rest I can do mi self I well keep posting to let you now thr results and thanks again for the help by the way I'm in Juarez Mexico acros the line whit el Paso Tx.
  12. vb and ml 1500

    Hi BobLfoot: yes English is not mi first language so sorry for the spieling. the new PC is ruining on windows XP pro sp 2 in Spanish Visual Basic 6.0 interface is DF1 Full duplex(on port 1 on PLC)this is were the PC is conected via a serial cable thanks in advance for the help.
  13. communication issues

    Hi TimP: do you menan your computer or anoder device