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  1. 5 Micrologix Wireless Peer to Peer

    So is it possible connecting all PLCs by only using WLAN? Whatever u r saying abt this gain theory is hard to understand for me. Can u explain in Little detail or provide me some material or link. My project is in a refinery plant. There are so many obstacles in routes.
  2. 5 Micrologix Wireless Peer to Peer

    The problem now arised is for using Radio Frequency modem( PROSOFT) customer needs to buy licensed Frequency Bandwisth which he is not ready to do so. WLAN can communicate only upto 100m. There is only one way now traditional way. But we are planning to take all 5 PLCs on Modbus in master slave method. When last time i used modbus for AllenBradly VFDs with PLC in daisy chain method. Whenever one slave device goes into fault all the next goes int fault. I didnt find the solution for that but hopefully the same thing will not happen here in case of 5 PLCs
  3. Hi, My in my application there is one central PLC which will be communicating with other 4 PLC which r 700 m from the central one. And 300m far from each other. I m planning to do peer to peer communication using CIP Generic method ie. by msg instruction. But my problem is How can connect all 5 PLCs. is there any wireless method available which will communicate upto 700m and will be cost effective to the end user.
  4. But Micrologix1400 has support for DNP 3. So no need to use Prosoft module for that.
  5. Hi, I am working on Scada system, we want to use 2 AB plcs in scada system. One will be 4 KM away on site which will acquire and control analog data and send all this information to another PLC over ethernet optical fibre line at main station. At main station We want to interface it with Foxboro RTU. It works on DNP3 protocol. How can i interface this PLC to RTU using DNP3? previously DNP3 was not there in AB products but In newly luanched Micrologix1400 there is support for DNP3 on channel 0 and 1 but i really dont know how to send data to RTU on DNP3. Can anybody help? Anyone worked on DNp3 before?
  6. Hi i m using L61 Control Logix And Communication Medium Controlnet. All IOs using are FlexIOs. MVI94-MCM is flex modbus unit from Prosoft for interfacing Controlnet with modbus. ControlLogx is slave master is DCS. I want to give 1000 io status to master controller and more than 300 numeric value. How can i send this big data through MVI94-MCM. I am using program given on prosoft site which only specifies upto 96 values and that also for holding registers. I need to configure 2000 holding register for sending integer values and around 1000 Boolean values are to be sent including alarms. How to configure it for sending more no.of data what changes do i need in the program. If i change value directly to 1000 in configuration and progarm will it work. Here is link: MVI94-MCM On this link all programs are given i m using program for controllogix>RSLogix5000 version greater than 11. How to send data on other function codes and more data. Plz help I m attaching the prgm MVI94MCM_CNET_V11_or_greater_2.ACD