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  1. NP Terminal / EJ1 / SLC 5/05

    I am installing a block of Omron EJ1 temperature controllers on a machine controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC 5/05. It was suggested by my distributor that I use an NP terminal as a protocol converter to alleviate having to write code in the SLC for Hex to Int conversions and BCC calculation. I will be continuously writing values (float setpoints) from the SLC to the EJ1, and continuously reading values (process values) from the EJ1 to the SLC. My thought was to write a Periodic Project Macro in the NP terminal using MEMCOPY commands to transfer data between the devices. My concern is that the SLC memory locations are not compatible with the EJ1 memory locations (ie. double word vs. word). My question is, will the MEMCOPY command work in itself, or will I need to process the data to be compatible with the SLC controller?