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  1. I am reassembling a machine from storage. I have connected the Allen Bradley variable speed drive to 3ph power and plugged in the keypad. I have set the P46 – [Input Mode]  set to 2 and connected a 3phase motor to T1 T2 T3. The 3 phase motor I am driving is not turning and there is no voltage from T1 T2 T3 when i press start on the keypad. This system worked prior to this. Its been a few years since I had this running. Am i missing something?    
  2. Question about chip PLC

    Thanks guys for your help!
  3. Question about chip PLC

    Hey, I would like to build a plc system for a residential elevator. I wanted to secure the code and was thinking of a chip based plc on a board with inputs outputs and input for encoder. Anyone here know where I can get a less expensive system like this around $200?  Maybe sourced from China?
  4. Hello, How do i measure pulses per second using the data from a High Speed Counter linked to an encoder? I have a DL405 and D4-HSC linked to an encoder on a conveyor drive shaft and am using Directsoft5. Thanks for your help.
  5. question about learning RSView

    Thanks Scott, i'll give it try.
  6. question about learning RSView

    i am new to Rockwell automation and want to learn RSViw32. is there a demo version of this software available? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    in my ladder program when M27 is on, it activates this [FROM K0 K29 D206 K1] and D206 shows the number 293. How do i find out which error this is? i have the PLC on my desk connected to GX developer and when i go into PLC Diagnostics it displays PLC/PP comm err and also Link error. there are no other numbers or descriptions. i see that link error is a serial communications error but is there a way to get the cause of the communication error?
  8. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    I see the last tab cointaining the parameters. This FX2N PLC uses a EEPROM. should i be removing it to write the parameters to the PLC? or is it ok to store the parameters on the EEPROM. The PLC is asking for a keyword when i try to write the parameters to the PLC with EEPROM removed. i was going to disconnect the battery to wipe out the password. just wondering if there are other hidden parameters that i may lose. i have the ladder program and the Comm parameters backed up and the user data.
  9. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    I don't see the D8120 location in the ladder program, accept for where i moved 0 to it. Is that what i should be looking for? something being moved to the D8120?
  10. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    i have attached a screen shotMy link of the parameters that came with the original PLC program. i'll test the software using my laptop if i can through the programming port.
  11. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    i am using Lobo machine corporation software on the PC to download user data to the PLC .
  12. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    D8120 came up as 0 when i rebooted the PLC. I then wrote the plc software to the plc including the parameters and then restarted the PLC and still no communication. it shows comm error in PLC diagnostics.
  13. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    set it to 0 using M8000 DMOV K0 D8120
  14. Lost communication PC to PLC. Need help

    set to 0 and still no communication.