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  1. I have no clue what I am doing here... Help?

    How is the resolution an issue (This is a genuin question I have no idea what effect the resolution has on operation) so can I energize a 12 volt coil using digital outputs? Can I use the analog inputs to trigger the digital outputs? Sorry about all the questions but I am really pretty clueless.
  2. I have no clue what I am doing here... Help?

    I may not be reading this correct but it appears that PLC has one analog out, can a digital out be used with an analog input?
  3. I have no clue what I am doing here... Help?

    What I am also confused about while reading through the data sheet for this PLC in kind of implied that it has analog inputs but never confirmed it.
  4. I have not had any experience with PLC's other than understanding what their very basic functions are (My understanding before reading a brief ladder logic article outlining boolean logic was they functioned by if this then that) I have recently acquired a Mitsubishi PLC which I have an interesting intended use for. I have built a mini truck (1980 Dodge D50) which has a small block V-8, now this is where my issues begin the added weight of the engine (about 400 pounds) has caused the front end of my truck to sit rather low. My solution is to run an air ride suspension. Since I will be running air bags in the front I might as well do the rear as well. Here is where the PLC comes into play, most air bag setups rely only on air bag PSI to maintain ride height and level. I don't like this answer especially when there are things like PLC's available. Now my thought at this point is to use a potentiometer in a bracket attached to my suspension components and the frame thus the ride height can now be given a value, and that value can be sent to the PLC. At a given value from the potentiometer the PLC can make the necessary changes which in the case of an air ride suspension will be nothing more than opening air valves (simply energizing a 12 volt coil). With that being said this leads me into my first question, the PLC that I have is a Mitsubishi FXon-60MR-ES I cannot find any information on this particular PLC, specifically if it will accept an analog input (potentiometer) if not I think I can probably achieve the same thing using an encoder however it would seem to me an encoder will complicate the setup further. Also having no experience programming a PLC I have no idea how I can tell a PLC at this value from the potentiometer open this valve and at this value open this other valve. I understand the ladder logic in it's most basic form, however when it comes to telling the PLC to function at given values I am a bit confused. So that is pretty much where I am at, I also have another PLC (I think it is an Omar) it was used to control servo motors, I suspect I could make use of that one by using a few diods in line so instead of flipping polarity to change rotation of the servo motor it would just energize different coils. However I think this particular PLC may be using a pulse signal which obviously would not work to open and close valves.