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  1. RSVIew32 dialing a cell phone

    I have used emailing once in the control logix platform, so I am not super familiar with all the trick I can use with it. While we are talking about SMS text is it possible to send one from the control logix processor through a e-comm card to a phone, sorry if I am getting off topic of bob's org post.
  2. Power Flex DC Drives With 20-Comm-E

    Thanks guys, by the way it is a Control Logix platform, I had one of the guy's at work that night get on line with the Comm card's web page, of the PLC and the missed packets were going up. I have not had time to further look at the problem, but as soon as I can I look into a possible wiring, or grounding problem. Paul thanks for th einfo on "wire shark" I will try this too, did not know there was app for such things.
  3. CompactLogix

    Hopefully, by your reply I am giving you the info you need. By your response I feel you are talking about the internal config file of the modbus card. There are two config files you will need for the card one is the WATTCP file and the Other is the MNET config file, these files are provided by Prosoft for the card. The WATTCP file tells the card what it's ip, sunet and gatway addresses are. Change then to you network settings, the card needs it's own ip, and does not share the plc's ip. The MNET file contains all the data needed for Comm's with the devices on the network. The section you will need to edit is under [MNET Client 0 Commands]. It should look similar to this: Enab DB Poll Reg Swap Node IP Address Serv Slave Func Address Addr Delay Count Code Port Addr Code In Dev START 1 0 10 25 0 10.9.*.* 502 1 3 62256 Here is a list of the data you will change for a basic setup Enab = Start Command DB Addr = Address the card will place/read data in the PLC, this register is created by the Prosoft PLC Program give to you i.e (Mnet1.ReadData & Mnet1.WriteData) Reg Count = How many registers to read or write to Node IP = The device you want to access IP address Serv Port = The port to use of the device, I do belive the default for Modbus is 502 Slave Addr = The Modbus device address Func Code = the type of Command needed 1 = Read Coil 2 = Read Input Status 3 = Read Holding Registers and so on, these all can be found in the card's manual on page 26 Address In dev = This is the address for the register in the device, a lot of the devices I have seen use Hex numbering for the registers so you will have to convert the Hex to Dec for the Modbus register, i.e 0FFF to 4095. The rest of the options can be found in the manual, but I have not used them very much. These two file have to be transfered to the card through the cfg port on the frount of the card, I use Hyper Terminal to download and upload the config files. The settings and how to do this are in the manual, page 39. I will bring this last bit up just in case you need some help with the PLC Program. Prosoft also gives you a PLC program for the Compact Logix PLC, this comes on a disk with the card or can be downloaded from Prosoft Prosoft Modbus. This has all the LAD you will need to have data read and write from the Modbus card to the plc, it also as I said above makes the registers for the data to be placed in, i.e. Mnet1.ReadData, and Mnet1.WriteData. If this the first time useing the Card, I would tell you to open the Prosoft PLC Program and use it as you base, then add all harware you need and update firmware as needed keeping in mind not changing the original software only adding to it.
  4. Power Flex DC Drives With 20-Comm-E

    Thanks ken I will Check this tomorrow when at work. Thanks again for the help
  5. Ok I have tried to get this problem fixed by my self for long enuff, and AB is no help. I have a app with four Power Flex DC Drives and am having a problem with a DPI Port Five Comm Fault. The port is the port I have the ethernet adapter in. I have now set the connection time to 300 MS and still have the fault happen a couple of times a day. The drives are not more than 10 feet from the switch and the plc, the wire is shielded and grounded at one end. Other projects I have done have used Power flex drives with the same setup and the connection has been set down to 10 ms not problems. Can some one give me any thoughts and help on this, could it be a issue with the drive, I have already had firmware problems with these drives.
  6. Safety Contactor for Motors required?

    I agree paul, and have see it first hand when a pneumatic valve failing to do its job and fail half way between pressure to device and pressure exhaust. The air got stuck in the line and the brake stayed open, i.e. off, when a e-stop was pressed. Thank G*d the e-stop was pressed for a different area and no one was around it, but it could have gone bad. After that it was suggested to put a safety valve for all the brakes to kill air just for a e-stop. As paul has said there is always what if's floating out there.
  7. Safety Contactor for Motors required?

    I am not an expert but my understanding is the same as Paul's, you have to provide safety rated control throughout the circuit. Better safe than sorry, for this reason I have been looking to only use safe off options, that paul has mentioned on drives and softstarts and also killing the input power to the motor, or drive, we have now used then a few time and I am very impressed with them.
  8. CompactLogix

    When you say Tables are you referring to the tables in the modbus config file, were you tell the card what node and address in the node you want to read and write data.
  9. Thermal Management

    Thanks Paul, I will check those out, and yas as I have found out the Vortec Coolers are garbage.
  10. General question. The location I live in is very hot, and it does not help that the control panel boxes are out in to open and being hit with direct sun for over 10 hours a day and the fact they are stainless steel. So my question is what type of thermal management to you like the best. I bought a Hoffmen vortec cooler to try out on a project and it work's for have the day and then heats up and failed to cool the Panel, thus caused remote i/o problems. I bought this unit because it said it had 900 BTU's of cooling and compaired to a A/C unit with the 800 BTU's of cooling, the cost was more than half for the vortec cooler Than the A/C Unit. Thanks for the help.
  11. MSG

    Thanks to everyone for the help, and sorry for not posting sooner as you all know when you take time off and get back the work load double's. Bob the produced and consumed tags worked great, problem solved. PC tags make life so much better when trying to share data between to PLC, thanks again guys.
  12. I have used prosoft in the past and it works well, it was not that same module, but most of the modbus card they sell are very similar in set us from what I have read. I was lucky that I had ethernet on site and could get the network up and running very quickly. The config is not that bad, when you get the card from prosoft they will give you a PAC program for your compact logix PAC. Insert the code, or what I did was use the file and then program all the logix I needed into the PAC. The code they give you will set up comms to the prosoft card, they you will use the card config file they give you and tell the card what Modbus address for the device you want to get data from and the register you need to get. Your fig 2 should work, My project was set up with a L35E and a 1769-Mnet, the comms whet from the L35E to the 1769-MNET via the back plane out the ethernet port to a switch and then to the 17 GM 745, and 650 multilins. I have to go to work now but if you would like I can read the manual and see if I can give you anymore info.
  13. 5/03 analog scaleing

    Is this a three phase pump, if so have you metered the motor with an meter and a megger, this will tell you alot about the windings of the motor. Is the motor tripping the breaker or is the plc tripping it due to overcurrent via a shunt or 0 volt coil, or it the plc using this scale for display.
  14. 3-Phase Transformer Loading

    If I am Correct the KVA rating for the transformer is total load all three phases. Volts x Amps x 1.73 ---------------------------- = 3 Phase KVA 1000
  15. MSG

    Thanks bob for the help, I will try this next week when at work, but for now me and my NERD brain are going fishing fo rthe week. Thanks again.