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  1. FX3U-ENET-ADP how to connect and read strings?

    From: FX3U-ENET-ADP User's Manual - Up to 4 connections can be established and used at the same time in the Ethernet adapter.    
  2. SAIA PLC - Modbus TCP truncates 32 bit value

    Right, I thought you might have created some since your post. Check you PM, I sent a small program.
  3. SAIA PLC - Modbus TCP truncates 32 bit value

    Interesting. What about the byte order? The next day. Years ago I wrote some routines to covert to/from FFP - 754. I went and looked at the code and while it has some bit shifting it is not only shifting. For example the exponent is biased differently. If you have some working code that converts both directions, is only shifting and maybe an and/or or two, I would really like to see and test the code.  
  4. SAIA PLC - Modbus TCP truncates 32 bit value

    IIRC, the PLC provides routines to convert from/to SAIA native Motorola FFP and IEEE 754.
  5. SAIA PLC - Modbus TCP truncates 32 bit value

    Hello, Or perhaps you could use a program, like PeakHMI, that can access the SAIA PLC using native SAIA protocol. FYI, SAIA uses the "Motorola Fast Floating Point", FFP for floats.
  6. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    Very good. I suspect the port number was OK, you can test it. Setting up the send and receive fixed buffer.
  7. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    Using PeakHMI or your code?  
  8. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    I looked at the settings for an FX project. Here is a screen capture.  
  9. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    Zip up the GXWorks project and post it here or PM me
  10. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    Hello, There is configuration that is required. See my first response in this thread: It might help.
  11.   I had the same results, 4003 bytes.  
  12. His original post had MODBUS and the point about using Wireshark is 100% spot on.
  13. Hi, PeakHMI could work for you.
  14. HOSTLink read multiple DMs

    I read the manual portion (MULTIPLE MEMORY AREA READ) and yes that does what you want if your PLC supports "C" series commands. Nice find.
  15. Extracting Digits of a Number

    You could convert to string and process each character to a number. Or  you could divide by 10,  multiple the remainder by 10. Then subtract the remainder from the divide result and repeat the above line until a single digit remains.