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  1. PLC Reports using Controllogix and Database

    Hi, PeakHMI could work for you.
  2. HOSTLink read multiple DMs

    I read the manual portion (MULTIPLE MEMORY AREA READ) and yes that does what you want if your PLC supports "C" series commands. Nice find.
  3. Extracting Digits of a Number

    You could convert to string and process each character to a number. Or  you could divide by 10,  multiple the remainder by 10. Then subtract the remainder from the divide result and repeat the above line until a single digit remains.  
  4. PLC & HMI communication

    In this instance, "Finger pointing" is when X points at Y and says it is not our problem it is Y's problem and Y points at X and says it is X's problem and you are in the middle, possibly with no assistance from either. Finger-pointing: a situation in which someone is blamed for something that goes wrong
  5. FX3GE communication with KEPServerEX via UDP protocol

    Of course I would say "Switch to PeakHMI", it has OPC DA server included. As to Kepware, I have only looked at the trail versions and each time it worked as expected.  I have not trialed Kepware with FX3.
  6. FX3GE communication with KEPServerEX via UDP protocol

    You can download the trial version of PeakHMI and try the FX3 UDP port for verification. I do recall configuring the controller for UDP was interesting. Something like this:
  7. Comunication

    Using online translation he wrote: are you having problems with the extended module of PLC fx3u 32 MR-ES.? Specifically, what. X0-X7 sequence. X10-X17. The X20-X27, Y0-Y27 is right?   Me: Is your 485 terminated properly? I ask because you have not provided much information on the problem. Error codes? How is it wired? Tried another expansion module? Does the 485 bus work with any device? etc.    
  8. Comunicação

    And if English is not a language for you, you can use a free online translator. Create the message in Portuguese, use a translator, and paste the result here. I used Bing's translator for this message. E se o inglês não é um idioma para você, você pode usar um tradutor online gratuito. Crie a mensagem em português, use um tradutor e cole o resultado aqui. Usei o tradutor do Bing para esta mensagem.
  9. Reading inputs using FINS/TCP from a PC

    Hello, Download the trial/demo version of PeakHMI and use it for generating request to the PLC. Use WireShark to capture and analyze the request/response packets.
  10. Negative sign in HMI

    Did you enable the "Show Plus Sign" checkbox/property?
  11. Mitsubishi FX3U firmware...

  12. Mitsubishi FX3U firmware...

    Hello, Is it correct the firmware of an FX3U PLC cannot be updated?
  13. Mitsubishi FX3u Ethernet options...

    Neverov and Theuns, thank you.  
  14. Hello, Is it possible to have a FX3U-ENET module on the right side of the PLC and a FX3U-ENET-ADP on the left side? If possible, how to specify the module number in FX Configurator-EN? Regards, Mark
  15. Understanding 3E frame for FX5U PLC over SLMP

    Ummm the byte count starting at 9 to 21(inclusive) is 13 bytes.... so not sure what you are saying. If the binary read works the binary format is correct. You can download our demo of PeakHMI, use the "Q" Ethernet drive to read/write different areas of memory, use Wireshark to see the data packets. Assuming no difference for FX5, not tested here.