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  1. Reading inputs using FINS/TCP from a PC

    Hello, Download the trial/demo version of PeakHMI and use it for generating request to the PLC. Use WireShark to capture and analyze the request/response packets.
  2. Negative sign in HMI

    Did you enable the "Show Plus Sign" checkbox/property?
  3. Mitsubishi FX3U firmware...

  4. Mitsubishi FX3U firmware...

    Hello, Is it correct the firmware of an FX3U PLC cannot be updated?
  5. Mitsubishi FX3u Ethernet options...

    Neverov and Theuns, thank you.  
  6. Hello, Is it possible to have a FX3U-ENET module on the right side of the PLC and a FX3U-ENET-ADP on the left side? If possible, how to specify the module number in FX Configurator-EN? Regards, Mark
  7. Understanding 3E frame for FX5U PLC over SLMP

    Ummm the byte count starting at 9 to 21(inclusive) is 13 bytes.... so not sure what you are saying. If the binary read works the binary format is correct. You can download our demo of PeakHMI, use the "Q" Ethernet drive to read/write different areas of memory, use Wireshark to see the data packets. Assuming no difference for FX5, not tested here.  
  8. Understanding 3E frame for FX5U PLC over SLMP

    Hello, Here is a breakdown of 3E to a Q, writing Y12. I "think" it is correct.  
  9. Thanks for the response. All working now. The "open settings" in the "FX Configuraior" had not be configured correctly.
  10. Hello, I have an FX3u-16MR/ES, FX3u-ENET (version 1.0), using GX Works2 Version 1.596W (Trial version). Using FX Configurator-EN (version 1.0), the IP address of the FX3u-ENET is set and I can ping it with success. GX Works2 fails to communicate with the PLC, via Ethernet, and all other software capable of communication with the PLC fails when using Ethernet. I read one PDF about creating a new module under “Special Module...”. The only module listed is “AnyWireASLink”. Perhaps that is a limitation of the trial version. The document had “FX3u-ENET-L”. FX3u-ENET and FX3u-ENET-L seem to be different? Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  11. Why does ML/1400 send a TCP [RST] ?

    SWAG, Get_Attribute_List
  12. Why does ML/1400 send a TCP [RST] ?

    Yeah the "keep-alive" at the TCP level and the "watchdog/keep-alive" at the CIP level are different. I guess the first question is why keep a polling/response type connection active/open unless it is used. That was rhetorical. Leave the TCP level to itself and only work at the CIP level because that is what is timing out. Did you retry the "List identity" command?  
  13. Why does ML/1400 send a TCP [RST] ?

    Do the test.
  14. Why does ML/1400 send a TCP [RST] ?

    I was going to write a bunch of stuff but decided at least one more test was needed. With no other connection to the PLC, issue the register session and forward open. Then doing nothing. How long before the PLC drops the connection?  
  15. Vista support for NS-Runtime

    Are you asking someone to commit a crime?