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  1. RSView Studio ME Tag Error

    When you say you are working with the original code, did you receive the project as a .apa file? If not, the problem may be that your project is not in the correct file location on your computer. RSView ME uses a *very* specific file location structure. If your files are not in the exact path (as created by the software), you may see this error. The error code I found for the earlier version of the software (v. 2.1, which is basically ancient), referred to project files not being in the correct location, so that's why I'm asking about how you received the project files.
  2. RSView Studio ME Tag Error

    What version of RSView ME are you using? I searched the Knowledgebase, but the only reference I found to this error was for an older version of the software...
  3. RSView ME SLC 5/05 vs ML1100

    Have you checked out the error message on the AB Knowledgebase? It sounds to me like there's some communications setting that's not quite right with the ML1100. Also, what network are you using to communicate? I'm assuming Ethernet... If so, can you connect to the ML using serial just to see if you can see the data in the processor? Rick

    Unfortunately, text cannot be rotated. One workaround would be when you create the text object, put one letter of your label on each line of the text editor. The text in the Caption box should look something like this: C o n v e y o r 2 2 Rick
  5. RS View Studio Uploaded *.MER files

    Preview of coming attractions...The .mer to .med file conversion feature will be included in the next release of RSView ME. The developer will then be able to decide whether a .mer file is unprotected (can be converted), password protected, or locked (.mer files cannot be converted. The caveat...This will only work with runtime files created in the latest version of the software, backwards compatibility (v.4.0 and earlier) files will not be able to be converted unless you use the methods described earlier in the post.
  6. Problems installing RSLadder 500

    Here's a patch...find a PC with Windows 95, NT or 2000... A patch won't solve your problem...if you don't want to upgrade your software, then downgrade your OS...Otherwise, Alaric has the best solution.
  7. Timmay - My Birthday Video

    Your wife is right. It's definitely 16 Candles. Still a "Brat Pack" movie marathon (St. Elmo's Fire, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club) wouldn't be too bad...
  8. RSLinx Gateway Remote OPC Setup

    I believe that you have to load RSLinx software both on the server and the connected PC. However, you *should* be able to run RSLinx Lite (no license required) on the PC, which would then allow you to access the PC (and any related PLCs) using the Gateway software on the server. Hopefully, someone else out there will be able to confirm this... Rick
  9. RS View Studio

    You will need to use RSView ME version 4.0 to get the RecipePlus feature. Rick
  10. Literature Library Changing

    That link may work for the time being if you have it bookmarked. If you attempt to access the knowledgebase from http://support.rockwellautomation.com, you will see the new interface we are talking about. Rick
  11. Literature Library Changing

    Interesting...when I clicked on the link to your email, I did go to the document you selected "What Driver do I use in RSLinx...". But my name and the Public sign-in are shown in the top corners of the frame... You could be right that your information is somehow embedded in the key, and I don't know enough about the key to know if it's possible to hack it. Another interesting test would be to have someone who has not yet created a new Knowledgebase account to test your link...Perhaps access would be denied if the user is not in the system? Hmmm.....
  12. Literature Library Changing

    This new knowledgbase could impact the way information is shared at MrPLC.com (and related message boards). After logging in to the knowledgebase, I was experimenting with copying a link to a specific document. When I opened a new browser and pasted the link, I was directed to the technote. HOWEVER, I noticed that my name was listed in the top left corner and "Public" was listed in the top right (I do not have a TechConnect number). Chako, I wonder if you were to copy a link from the knowledgebase, would your TechConnect contract number show up? I know that I would not want that getting out into the public domain... Rick
  13. HMI's?

    If you already have a PC in the control room that you can use, there is another option available for RSView ME. You can purchase a license that will let you run an RSView ME application on a Windows PC. The price of the license varies depending on how many screens you will be running, but for a small setup, this would likely cost less than a VersaView PC. Of course, you will still have to purchase RSView Studio software to create the HMI screens... Rick
  14. Literature Library Changing

    Ditto for me. Maybe Rockwell was doing some overnight Web maintenance, and didn't expect many hits at 3:30 a.m. CDT...
  15. Paul: Let me make sure I understand what you are asking. You want to use RSView ME to select tags from a PLC or SLC. In the controller you are using, names have been assigned to the bits. For example, in your PLC, the name "Motor_Speed" has been assigned to N1:0. Are you asking if it's possible to browse tags in RSView ME so that you pick "Motor_Speed" instead of N1:0? If this is what you are looking for, then unfortunately, I don't believe you will be able to do this. RSView ME can only browse to information stored in the controller. In the PLC/SLC world, a name such as "Motor_Speed" (called a symbol) is *not* stored in the controller, but in your RSLogix 5/500 file. Therefore, at this time, you will only be able to see the bit names if you are directly picking tags from the PLC using RSView ME. If you really need to see the symbols, then you can import the tags into the RSView ME HMI tag database, but this eliminates the advantages of direct-tag referencing. Rick
  16. RSLinx Enterprise

    If you have purchased RSView Studio for RSView ME only, then RSLinx Enterprise is included free with Studio. However, if you purchased RSView Studio for RSView SE (which can be used to create both ME and SE applications, BTW), then you have to purchase separate license(s) for RSLinx Enterprise. Rick
  17. RSLinx Enterprise

    Off the top of my head, there are several differences between RSLinx Enterprise and RSLinx Classic: RSLinx Enterprise is designed primarily for communicating with FactoryTalk enabled products; therefore it works well with RSView ME, RSView SE, and RSSql, to name a few. However, it is *not* a true OPC server (like RSLinx Classic) Also, RSLinx Enterprise was designed with ControlLogix in mind, so communication with ControlLogix is optimized. Both RSLinx Classic and RSLinx Enterprise can be used with RSView ME or SE Regarding the operation of RSLogix software with RSLinx Classic, any version of the software (including the free Lite version, which is bundled with RSLogix) can be used to upload and download programs to a PLC, SLC, etc. However, if you want OPC communications or other advanced features, one of the other RSLinx Classic versions needs to be purchased. This Rockwell technote describes some of the differences between the versions of RSLinx Classic. Rick
  18. Fireball -- The name says it all...
  19. MrPLC Search Help

    It also appears that this search engine is case-sensitive. Typing in "RPI*" returned the four posts BobLfoot mentioned, but typing "rpi*" returned no results. Rick
  20. 1747-UIC Communication Problem

    It appears that you have not installed the necessary driver that will let you choose the 1747-UIC from the RSLinx drivers list. See this technote for a more detailed description of the errors you provided. See this technote to download the 1747-UIC drivers. Rick
  21. Cannot Add a 1747-PIC driver

    Have you tried this technote? Rick
  22. Whats your realistic Drawing program

    Which SCADA package are you using? Certain manufacturers (I am most familiar with Allen-Bradley) may provide pre-canned graphics of tanks, motors, and other process control devices. If you have the time to design your own, that's fantastic, but I believe in reduce, reuse recycle when possible... Rick
  23. RSView Studio Edition ?

    I've looked at your steps, and it looks like it should work as is. For future reference, Steps 1-5 could be optional if you have the .apa file on a disk, thumb drive, etc. When you run the Application Manager wizard and restore a file, RSView Studio does automatically look to see if the file you want is in the Archives folder. However, you can browse to any location on your computer to find the .apa file. Also, regarding your question to save, that's always a good idea. (My motto: Save Early, Save Often!). Finally, in response to your other questions: 1. You can download PanelView Plus firmware from this site: http://support.rockwellautomation.com/firmware.asp If you have not registered for access to the Rockwell support Web site, you will need to do this. The Web site registration just takes a few seconds, and it is free to anyone who wants to register. In order to physically download the firmware to your PC, you will need your software serial number and the name of the person to whom the software is registered. Also, you need a valid support contract for this download. 2. It's been a while since I've downloaded a program to a PanelView Plus, but I believe that if you are downloading the same program to multiple PanelView Plus terminals, you will have to make a slight modification in RSView Studio software for each terminal. With the RSView application open, click on the Communications tab at the bottom of the screen. Under the Ethernet network, you should see an icon for a PanelView Plus, and it should have the IP address of the terminal you are connected to (for example, If you are connected to a different terminal (i.e.,, you can then add a new PanelView Plus terminal (with that IP address) to the communications tree). Then you should be able to download the same application to the second terminal. Let me know if you need further clarification. Rick
  24. RSView Studio Edition ?

    This procedure should help you *if* the file on the disk is saved using the .apa extension: 1. Open RSView Studio. (At this point, it does not matter if you create a new application or open an existing application). 2. From the Tools menu, select "Application Manager." 3. Follow the steps in the wizard to Restore the application (loaded on the disk) to your machine. 4. Open the restored application and make your changes. 5. Once the changes have been made, create a runtime (.mer) file by, from the Tools menu, selecting "Create Runtime File" (I believe that's what it is called, I don't have Studio for ME open right now). 6. IMPORTANT: Be sure to upload a copy of the existing application to your computer. That way, if something happens with the new file, you can return to the existing application. 7. Using the crossover cable, download the new .mer file to the PanelView(s). If you have any further questions, let us know. Rick
  25. RSView Studio Edition ?

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you "don't have RSLinx Enterprise." If you purchased RSView Machine Edition, you should also have received RSLinx Enterprise. Or, is it that you purchased RSView Studio for SE (which works with both ME and SE). If that's the case, RSLinx Enterprise is not sold with SE directly. Rick