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  1. CX-One V4

    Apparently the CJ2M will be available in March. The pulse IO boards will no longer be incorporated in the CPU and have been delayed..... So there will be no immediate replacement for the CPU2x models
  2. CX-Programmer improvement requests

    I have had the problem of compiling code with ST function blocks with floating points. In Belgium we have "," as the decimal separator and the Us has "." CXP doesn't save the code in a country independent file. So if you send a program to a colleque in the States, he can start replacing all floating point constants. Beegee
  3. automatic clock adjustment

    Not that I know. You can do it with the NSJ-ETN21 board you have to plug in on the NSJ But there are no SNTP settings possible for the built-in ethernet board (neither in CXP nor CXD) regards Beegee
  4. Trajexia PRofibus

    hi, I have never used profibus on NSJ or TJ1 but in analogy with what I did with DeviceNet on TJ1 ans NSJ5, I think you should start by setting up a routing table in the NSJ and test communications using CX-integrator. Once you have set up the configuration in the TJ1 you should be able to finish the network setup in CX-integrator regards Beegee
  5. We used TKON and TKOF only for cycle time issues. When we have to perform certain calculations we put that task on and afterwards we put it off. I have never used it with interrupt tasks. (and I think you don't need it) You can use the MSKS command to mask your interrupts. Be careful monitoring when you use it to reduce cycle time you could get confused if you don't take a look at the task status at that moment (it is not so much fun to debug) Beegee
  6. OMRON CS1W-CFI31 Communication Issues

    there are a lot of messages around this topic on MRPLC (also where I told the same thing....) so.... Beegee
  7. OMRON CS1W-CFI31 Communication Issues

    I have had my part of problems with the CIF31 So I also changed over to PCMCIA 3years ago and sinc e then I have never had any problems with whatever software... So I can't agree more with neilr216 Beegee
  8. Devicenet and CX-Integrator

    is the topology of the network we can see on the PC the same as in reality? If so try uploading each component separately to check where the error comes from. beegee
  9. Devicenet and CX-Integrator

    the fact that you get a device state conflict is because the PLC has to be in program mode in order to download the table. one way to set up the Devicenet is to give all nodes different addresses (I like to give the PLC address 63 and the slaves 0 upwards) then you can upload the network and assign all the slaves to the master you like. I use inverters quite a lot with the control remote I/O + inputs, so I have 9 input bytes and 8 output bytes. I then assign the first inverter (node 0) at adresses 3200 and 3800 and the next to 3205 and 3805 to keep my in and outputs symmetric. So I don't use the 3204 word at all. If I have a sliced I/O block, I start at address 20 and I start at 3300 and 3900, where I keep 10 words free (this gives me 160 outputs and 144 inputs on that sliced I/O) you can take more if you think of using analog in/out or really many digital I/O If you build yourself such a structure it is easier to read the different softwares.
  10. CJ1M with database

    with CX Server-lite you would have the commands to read a memory immediately. download the manual at regards Beegee
  11. File Name: CX-SERVER-LITE manual File Submitter: beegee File Submitted: 3 Jun 2008 File Category: Manuals CX-Server Lite user manual Click here to download this file
  12. CX-SERVER-LITE manual



    CX-Server Lite user manual
  13. Need help with Omron programming software

    A channel is just a 16 bit word in the memory. If this happens to be the location of an I/O card it will be assigned to that I/O If you say channel 1 on an CQM1, this will be the first input card on the rack, next to the PLC (outputs start at channel 100) If you have put the temp input unit there, it will be a temperature input channel, if it is a simple 16 points input card, it will be an input channel the inputs on the CPU are channel 0 beegee
  14. CJ1M with database

    you could use CX-Lite (activeX plugin), DDE, OPC, or write it yourself. The way you're thinking I would consider CX-Lite. Check with Omron if you can get a student license for CX-Lite. They should be able to giv eyou this...
  15. OT But Urgently Need Help

    we do this all the time, but the system yo use depends on the application possibility 1: just cut the power supply to the drive. This will cause an error but this is easily recovered. possibility 2 : signal the servo to stop (baseblock) and open the contactors with a delayed safety relay (G9SX like). Be carefull to calculate your safety distances. Never open the contactors in between during run this can blow the IGBT's easily cheers