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  1. Indirect addressing on PT not working

    OK. Got it. Thanks Stu for clearing that up! Kevin
  2. I cannot seem to get indirect addressing to work on my screen app. I am using a NT631C touch screen with a CS1G-H CPU44. I add a string display field, set the indirect check box, my table entry in D7420. In D7420 I have hex 7500, which should point to string data I have in D7500, right? I get nothing on the screen. I have tried changing the data to binary, still no go. Any help would be great! Thanks! Kevin
  3. CX-Supervisor hangs

    When my CX-Supervisor (1.1 (13), server 1.7) application attempts to update 47 I/O points on a CS1G CPU44 plc, it updates about 10-15 points and stops. My application doesn't stop but at that point I cannot look at the memory locations on the plc. I have to stop and restart my app to view the memory locations and then I see the data that has been updated. I again run my app and update that same points again and this time I get a few more. It takes 4 cycles of stopping/starting to get all the points updated. Do I have to pause (Sleep) my script to wait on the update or is there some reason these points don't update all at once. I am connecting via ethernet to a gateway plc then controller link to other plcs from the gateway. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Variable Point

    Does anyone know of a way that you can assign a different memory location to a point on the fly in CX-Supervisor? Serveral different plcs' all defined with the same memory locations for the same data. E401 on device A is the same as E401 on device B, meaning that both plcs' are collecting temperatures lets say for two different machines and both store the data to E401. I want to get either A or B in a script without having to define 2 points. Thanks Kevin
  5. Communications error

    I'm using CX-Supervisor 1.1 connecting to multiple CS1's (CS1G - CPU44) over ethernet. When running my project I am getting alot of communications errors. Ex. Timeout/other communications error : (device name), [CX-Server: DEVICE, COMMS_FAILED, 0x8A1B]. Any help?
  6. VBScript Results

    Is there any way of returning the result of a VBScript back to a CX-Supervisor script? Thanks!
  7. Transfer Memory Card via Ethernet

    I am trying to transfer a file from the memory card on a CS1G CPU44 to my pc via ethernet in CX-Supervisor. The problem is it is extremly slow. I am connecting to the plc via the CX-Supervisor Communications Utilities/PLC Memory Card and then just trying to drag and drop the file to my local pc. The plc is connected via controller link to a head in plc that has a ETN-01 ethernet Unit.