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  1. NB Web Interface from Mobile Device

    Yes this in with the 'Operation' screen.  The functionality of the web server on the NB is similar to the NS series. Also I've discovered from a computer, the 'Operation' screen doesn't work with Internet Explorer, but works fine with Firefox.
  2. NB Web Interface from Mobile Device

    The Omron 'HMI Remote Viewer' app requires a minimum 7" screen.   I'm not too interested in dragging that around in my pocket.  But good call...  I give it a test with my iPad.  But that still doesn't solve the browser issue with a phone.
  3. Anybody out there have experience with using Omron's web interface on a cell phone or tablet? I am using a NB series HMI but guessing the NS series responds similarly.  I have the web interface working properly from a PC web browser and can successfully connect with a mobile device.  The problem I have is actual operation of the web interface.  Any cell phone browser I have tried (android stock, Chrome) seems to interpret the touch action as saving the image.  Anybody run into this and know a fix?
  4. Web browsing HMI

    Veganic, Have you found a product for your application? I have a similiar project and have considered the Phoenix Web Panel as well and I'd be interested in your review of it. In my case I'd be using it to read the webserver (viewON) of an eW0N Flexy.
  5. Connected the cable shield to FG at each end. I've run into almost an identical issue in the past where the installer only connected the shield on the one end. Connecting it on both ends like the drawing in the manual solved the issue. See page 705 in the Manual W450 CP1H Operations Manual
  6. Thanks That's the sort of Instruction I was looking for and didn't lay my eyes on. Makes a clean solution.
  7. There's the answer I needed. I didn't realize the MOV instruction works with both data types. All the Math instructions don't. Thanks!
  8. You may want to test your method... And I am dealing with a Double Signed BCD But it still won't work in the FB like in normal ladder. I'll use INT for example. Multiplying the MSW by a given value results in a DINT Variable. Take that DINT Variable and add using a Long instruction requires a DINT Variable for the addend. But my LSW is only a INT. The Function Block will not accept that. So that's not a solution.
  9. I am trying to create a Double Word (BCDL if it matters) from individual digits within a Function Block. In normal ladder, I use the MOVD instruction and move the digits into the proper spots with the High and Low Words of the Double Word and all works well. as I am referencing a specific memory area. However I need to do this within a Function Block. I can write the digits to 2 separate Variables, but how do I compile them into 1 DWORD Variable. Ideally the MOVD instruction could write to a double Word... Now I realize I can specify a physical address for the Variables within the Function Block & Create a DWORD Variable pointing to the same addresses, but that is defeating the entire purpose of my Function Block! BTW the PLC is a CP1H Any ideas?
  10. NS Web Interface not working with eWON router

    So obviously no one else has used an eWON router for this. What are you guys using for Remote access solutions to a NS HMI? The site won't have a static IP and I want to eliminate any IT work on site.
  11. Automation Direct PLC

    I'm not very familiar with Automation Direct PLCs so I don't have an answer about Modbus. Have you tried the KOYO driver in Indusoft Web Studio?
  12. I'm having problems connecting to NS Web Interface remotely using a VPN connection thru an eWON cosy router. Local connection works perfect. I can create the remote connection, but when I view the screen it loads then freezes up shortly after. The screen image is sometimes replaced by 'NS Image'. I need to reboot the NS in order to connect again. I've set the NS screen Gateway IP I'm running the latest NS firmware v8.68. In CX Designer under Comms settings for Ethernet what is the IP Proxy Address for? Is this something I need to set? I'm using eWON's m2web service for the router. A sample url is "" I notice when a connection is made the url changes to the following (sample) "" Is this a port issue? Sorry I'm not too keen when it comes to networking...
  13. Obviously the SCU is the best way but... I haven't done this with a CJ2M, but I do it often on a CP1H and I see no difference. You can set the serial port for the CIF11 as Serial Gateway, create Modbus message and send it using the TXD and RXD instructions. Obviously this is more work, but it can be done.
  14. UDINT to DINT

    Yes ok Sergei, I worded that question incorrectly! I was wondering which bit is the sign WITHIN the double word. And yes I had previously tried inverting the leftmost bit and that didn't work. I will subtract the value from zero. That makes sense.
  15. UDINT to DINT

    Easy enough... Which bit is the sign bit for a double word??