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  1. Send an Email

    There are examples inside the RA Knowledgebase. CompactLogix: https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/46036 Panelview Plus: https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/164511/ Hope this helps, - fuzzy logic
  2. It is not clear to me what you're realizing. I guess you're using FTViewSE... the syntax you wrote, should be used inside a button action... Display List Selector instead, just needs the tags to be added in the Parameter List field, separated by comma. Parameter list: Corn_Name, Corn_Temp Hope this helps, - fuzzy logic
  3. RSView32 for Window 7

    As any other software from RA, they can be downloaded from the following website, providing you have a TechConnect support contract. http://download.rockwellautomation.com/webupdates/enter.aspx - fuzzy logic
  4. RSView32 for Window 7

    Only version 7.60 has been tested and is supported to be used on a Windows 7 Pro (32 bits) computer. - fuzzy logic

    Actually, the object has been changed since v16... If you previously used the DateTime with a GSV and it is now off by the number of hours your time zone differs from GMT, try using LocalDateTime in the GSV... see the GSV/SSV Objects inside RS5000 online help. KB Technote 37953 contains more infos on this subject. - fuzzy logic
  6. Panelview Plus 600 problem

    Here the link to the RA Forum where I've responded to the same question (from the same user !): RA Forum - PVP600 problem - fuzzy logic
  7. Josiah, I've realized a brief tutorial on the matter a couple of months ago, posted on the RA Forum. Here the link: RA Forum - ABB IRC5 and RS5000 Hope this helps, - fuzzy logic
  8. Conor is right, on older -DNB modules there was a manual configuration pushbutton inside the module's front door. It has been removed since hardware series C, if I can remember well. Anyway, the sad thing is that it cannot be disabled; there is a KB technote for that: #45257 - fuzzy logic
  9. PowerFlex 40 on DeviceNet

    Conor, you cannot have it right inside the I/O image, you need to use Explicit messages from controller... Take a look to the 22-COMM-D User Manual, chapter 6 - fuzzy logic
  10. Thanks you for posting this ! Hope also other users fighting with same issue could read it ! - fuzzy logic
  11. PVP series 6 hardware cannot be downgraded; however, PVP 6 will run earlier revs of MER files (All 4.0, 5.0, and 5.1 applications will run on the PVP 6 terminal) on the Windows CE 6.0 operating system that is incorporated into PVP 6 I'm not sure this will solve your issue, I'm agree with Ken, it is a case for TechSupport guys. - fuzzy logic
  12. Internal file sets store tag values in proprietary-format files. You cannot view the contents of the file sets, except in trends, or using the above mentioned utility. If you log tag values to an ODBC database, you can view the data in trends, or use thirdparty, ODBC-compliant tools to analyze and create reports from the data. So, it really depends by the results you expect to obtain, and your real needs... Internal file sets are more limited, and provided for use with native trends (file viewer utility just provide a basic tool to retrieve datas and convert to a common format like .csv); logging to ODBC database opens you many possibilities and best results, considering there are many dedicated software to manipulate those datas...just I'm unable to suggest you the best software to use with. - fuzzy logic
  13. Unfortunately I don't know Crystal Report's features... I may just indicate that RSLinx Classic is an OPC Data Access 2.05a compliant server, and also provides several DDE formats in addition to OPC. There aren't historical functions inside it. - fuzzy logic
  14. I guess the utility mentioned by OkiePC is the one named "RSView File Viewer Utility", here the technote direct link: http://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33924/kw/33924 (Access: EVERYONE) However, that utility only opens and converts the following kind of files: SE Datalog file (*.DAT, *.OBF) ME Datalog file (*.LOG) ME Alarm Log file (HISTORY.ALM) dBASE file (*.DBF) ME RecipePlus file (*.RPP) I'm not sure, but the file extension you're using is related to a MS SQL server database file... unfortunately I'm not expert on that, so I can't help more... - fuzzy logic
  15. Micro 800 series

    First release does not. Future hardware release (Micro 850) will have an embedded Ethernet/IP port for programming and explicit messaging (no I/O control) - fuzzy logic