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  1. I have been trying to get a Maple Systems HMI model 5104XH to communicate with an Automation Direct PAC3000, with no success. I have an ethernet crossover cable connected between the two components, with IP addresses of (PAC3000) and (HMI). The HMI port is selected as port 502. On the HMI, the communication LED is flashing once per second, and the screen is showing "PLC no response". If I can just get communication, then I can begin figuring out my array of modbus codes for I/O and integer registers. Thanks for help.
  2. I need to set up PID tuning for temperature control in the PAC3000. However, I have normal SSR's to control on/off 240 VAC supply to the heater bands. The PID loop setup doesn't offer discreet process output, only analog integer output. Is the output capable of being sent as a percentage, so that I can use it as a multiplier for a scan timer? Thanks,
  3. S7 400 series

    What is the cost of the S7 programming software? I need to get open and examine the files that my customer sent to me and get him fixed a.s.a.p. Also, where do I purchase? Is the software downloadable, or do I need to get the hard copy? Thanks,
  4. S7 400 series

    Thanks, Sparky. I'll check out the PG2000 today. I can't wait for the new TIA Portal VII.
  5. S7 400 series

    I have to be able to open up files for the Siemens S7 400 series CPU. A machine I am trying to connect to has this CPU system. What is the best (for the money) programming software package I can use for this application. I don't expect it to be cheap, but I need what will work. Help, please. A.S.A.P.
  6. I am trying to establish a fast communication to monitor and control a Seimens TI545 PLC (model 545-1106) with the Maple Systems HMI5104X interface. Earlier systems I set up were with the HMI550T, which is no longer available. With that earlier system, I had no problem with a fast communication link. With the HMI5104X interface, I can't get fast, or even reasonable, communication with the TI545. I've tried many different wiring schemes and COM ports. I've used RS-232 and RS-485 protocols. No matter how I've been able to get communication, it has always been at turtle pace. Also, if I place more than 16 I/O points on a single page, data becomes garbled and errant. Then, with the same PLC program, I connect an older HMI550T interface and, PRESTO, the communication is perfect. I need any help available. Thanks,
  7. Identify a 28-pin EPROM from a Micrex PLC

    Thank you for the new chip ID. I complicated my own problem by mis-counting the pins on the chip. The Micrex F model today uses the 32-pin chip. I purchased a chip reader, which has been able to read the new chip. Unfortunately, the program is in hexadecimal code. So I need to be able to interpret it into a usable ladder logic model before I can edit my machine programs and then write to a new chip. Maybe some help can still come my way with my Fuji projects. Thank you again. John Bowers
  8. Fuji MICREX-F PLC

    I am also familiar with the Fuji Micrex F series PLC's. I use both a D20 and a D25 loader to read/write the programming for this system. The Proface series HMI's are listed to work with these PLC's. I am currently developing an interface software program do do so. I have the programming pretty much complete in the ProFace system (model GP2501-SC11). My next hurdle is to get the HMI and Micrex-F PLC to communicate. My question is - Can I link the two components together with a properly configured cable, or do I need to use an interface module? Thanks for any help in this project.
  9. The numbers below are from a2 8-pin EPROM. Does anyone know how to identify this chip? It is from a Fuji Micrex PLC, and I edited the program in the PLC's ram with a Fuji D25 Loader. Now, I need to re-program the chip to install it back into the PLC for permanent memory. 10F1L 9G007 V5 MYS 88 608 I need information on the chip, a chip supplier, and an EPROM reader/writer for the 28-pin configuration. Thanks for any help.