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  1. PIDE Instruction

    Thanks a Lot Gerry  
  2. PIDE Instruction

    Hi everyone, I need some help/information to understand/Translate a function.  I am french and i have problem to understand some technical terms. inside a Rockwell manual concerning PIDE Instruction there is a block, (see picture attached) I have 3 inputs, 1 output: in1-Select Set in2-Select cleared in3-Select Out1: Output The input Select set and Select cleared means something like Latch/Unlatch ? In this case , what is the meaning of the 3rd one Select? There is a lot of select isn't it...that's why i'm a little bit lost.   Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to have some informations about product line 1790. In fact my problem is that i have feeling those products are obsolete, but nowhere i find informations about that. I wanted to make hardaware configuration on devicenet to replace obsolete products 1791D-8B8P and 1791D-16B0X. So we ordered 1790D-T8BV8B connected with an extension 1790-T16BV0X by a ribbon cable 1790-15CMCBL or 1790-7CMCBL. So no problem to by modules, but for the delivery date of ribbon cable....not available, they need to build it I am interested in more information
  4. PLC and HMI access remotely

    i didn't check good it's M2Me device
  5. PLC and HMI access remotely

    Hi jairus, In my company we use router Etic telecom but the website and the documentation are in french check this link may be what you can do is to send them an email and to ask them doc in english! Hope this will help you
  6. *.RTB file?

    Hi guys, does anyone know for what the *.RTB file is made for? My costumer told me that's for a Control logix chassis configuration but I can't open it with any rockwell software i have. I enclosed the RTB file. Thanx in advance RTB.rar
  7. No CIP Connection

    Hi everybody, I have problems with my ethernet ring network. My Cpu is 1756-L63 with 1756-ENTR for scada and 1756 EN2TR connected with 7 station 1734-AENTR in ring. Between each stations on the ring i pluged pre-prepared cables (i mean i bought already made) from 5m to 20m max. I set all adresses ip with bootp and i desabled it. On the 1756-EN2TR i enabled supervisor mode and precedence is 1. On one station in the middle of the ring i have the indicator module status who's blinking green. so this means no cip connection, but i have to admit that i don't understand the meaning of this description/state. Is it a sofware or hardware problem? Thanks in advanced.
  8. 1756-L62 Time slice

    Hi guys, I began to prepare my configuration in the software "Integrated architecture builder" (1st picture attached) and when i asked a general checking (see 2nd picture atached, report ), i have an error on my second network ( Ethernet IP002): => Logix System Time Slice % for CB6 on network EtherNet/IP002 exceeds the maximum allowed value.! So i'm surprised cause i'm far from the maximum number of connections. I tried to add one more ethernet card and to cut the network Ethernet IP002 in 2 parts, but percentage goes from 92% to 2 times 46% and i still have an alert. - Does someone knows why time slice is so high? -What are my solutions to reduce this pourcentage of time slice without to change PLC? Thanks in advance
  9. 1756-L62 Time slice

    So i looked further, and in fact Continuous User Task and Periodic User Task provide an estimation of the continuous scan time, accounting for the periodic task, system task, and motion group task if i increase to 50 the number of rung in Continuous User Task => Continuous scan time increase of 4ms if i increase to 100 the number of rungs in Periodic User Task =>User task minimum period grows of 7.2ms =>Continuous scan time grows of 1ms10 =>Average logix controller utilisation grows of 5% =>Logix system minimum time slice grows of 4% So it's true there's a link with the time slice. Thanks
  10. Hi everybody, my question is simple: Is it possible to use a module 1734-FPD to change the field power distribution source for 1734-OW4? I don't find any answer in all the documents nether no objections/contraindications to get together. Any help appreciated Thanks
  11. Point I/O Modules compatibility

    Hi , thanks for answering I didn't thought the 48VAC could be a problem but obviously yes. So I have a doubt because in this following document Rockwell says that for the module OW4 "Supply voltage can range from +5V dc… 240V ac, depending on relay load" so for 220VAC it's ok but for 48VAC wich document to trust?
  12. Point I/O Modules compatibility

    I wanted to use 1 module for 220V AC and another couple FPD/OW4 in 48VAC
  13. Hello everyone, this topic has a link with the topic number 23857 in wich one i had A duplex mismatch between 1756 EN2TR & 1734 AENTR ( My config: 1756L62 + BACKPLANE 1756A13 + 1 ethernet Card 1756 ENT2 (for SCADA) + 1756 EN2TR Ring network (for point I/O 1734 AENTR with 1734IB8 & 1734OW4) So after this i put the rockwell ADD ON - AB_DLR On my screen of the SCADA the window of this 1756 EN2TR ethernet card show "MSG Instruction fault" In the Rslogix 5000, in the message configuration window i have Error code: 16#0009 - Extended error code: 16#0000_0312 Inside help it's written: Error code (hex) 0009 = Error in data segment or invalid attribute value Extended error code (hex) 0312= Link address not available I set this add-on after reading the rockwell document, so i the attribute should be ok, problem should come from the error of data segment. So if someone has already use this add-on and can help me to set it....or to show in wich direction to go Thanks a lot
  14. Hi everyone, i needd some advice to resolve problems i encounter. I have a control logix 1756L62 BACKPLANE 1756A13 with 2 ethernet Cards -1st is 1756 ENT2 (for supervisory) and 2nd is 1756 EN2TR (for point I/O 1734 AENTR with 1734IB8 & 1734OW4). after those cards i have 1x1756 IF8 & 4x1756IB32 & 4x1756OB32. On the tab "module info" of 1756 EN2TR everything is correct but on the tab "network" i see: - Ring faults detected:2 - Status: Rapid fault/restore cycles. So i went to check the tab "port conf" both enable / both Auto negociate / port 1 full duplex in 100Mbps / port 2 half duplex 100Mbps - port diagnostic of port 1: Mac receive erros: 8 605 089 - port diagnostic of port 2: Single collision: 8 715 018 & multiple collision 7734 in my advanced network conf of 1756 i set Supervisor precedence: 2 / beacon interval 400 / Beacon time out: 1960 Module definition is Electronic keying: disable / Connection: None(no ther choice) / Time sync & motion in my advanced network conf of 1734AENTR i set Module definition is Electronic keying: compatible module / Connection: Rack optimisation So the tab "port conf" both enable / both Auto negociate / both full duplex in 100Mbps - port diagnostic of port 1: Mac Transmit erros: 52 373 - port diagnostic of port 2: Alignement errors 2 / FCS Errors 5 I tried to change ethernet cables but nothing change i changed beacon settings but nothing. somethinfg doesn't match but what? i will continue to search & try but if someone has an idea i'm open Thanks in advanced
  15. POINT I/O 1756 ENTR2 errors

    Yesss, i found :-2 in the manual: EtherNet/IP Embedded Switch Technology, they talk about the rapid ring fault issue and they give 4 causes : 1- 5 intentional disconnections/reconnections 2- A duplex mismatch between two connected devices 3- Electromagnetic noise on the network 4- Unstable physical connections, such as intermittent connectors so i changed again my 2 cables in the ring ( i have just 1 device on it) like you suggest ken, but nothing changed. I know Electromagnetic noise canot be the reason because i work in one technical framework and it's very clean. So the last solution was the duplex mismatch, and i realised that the both devices on the ring are not set the same. 1734 AENTR port 2 was set full duplex & 1756EN2TR was set half. I changed settings , i cleared faults, reset counter and the Link 2 status indicator switched on and no more ring fault. thanks anyway.
  16. Simens Faults

    Hi zeratul I have the same problem like you but my HMI is not WinCC so i think it will be easier for you! Go to the web site and write in the search bar: Entry ID:22727527
  17. Report system Error to HMI

    Report system Error is a method to generate diagnostic messages and send them to HMI. But what's happened if your HMI is not Wincc? How do you make the link between a Simatic 400 and HMI Intouch wonderware? I saw that you can configure DB51 and DB125, but how do you make the link between those DB's and: - Messages and error texts you can export in the general tab (csv file)? - HMI export data in the diagnostic support Tab (csv file)? Thanks in advance
  18. Problem to open PROTOOL Project

    Hi I uninstalled completely protoll and clean registry and computer and after re installed everything And i could open my project at the first try after. thanks anyway Dekor
  19. Problem to open PROTOOL Project

    Hello Everybody I Installed on my Computer PROTOOL V6.0 SP3. My Step7 version is 5.4 I get an old Backup of a Protol project built in S5. When i try to open this old project i see a message : "Error converting OID39 == OID_COB_SUMMARY_INFO" "Please contact manufacturer !!!! Does anyone already manage to open an old project with new version of protool. Or is it possible to open previous version. Thanks for help
  20. ASM Instruction for S5

    Thanks for the answer JesperMP, i understand better now.
  21. ASM Instruction for S5

    Hello everyone I try to convert a program from S5 to S7. One instruction called "ASM" is not convertible, and it's in the list for operation not convertible from S5 to S7. Does anyone knows Thanks in advance PS: I just wanted to say that's a great forum, really interesting, even if i don't have questions i like to come just
  22. PWM Instruction for SLC500

    Hi everyone I need to know the settings for PWM Instruction. In the SLC instruction set help they said that you can assign outputs O:0/3 and O:0/2 to the PWM function. I checked in the function files, and the value for OUT parameter is 2. SO for me this means that the both output listed above are dedicated for my PWM instruction ? What could happened if my output O:0/3 is coded for something else? Processor type: Micrologix 1200 (with SLC500). Thanks in advance
  23. Viewer for RSView

    Hi everyone May be it doesn't exist but, Does anyone knows any viewer for Rsview 4.0 or 5.0? Thanks in advance
  24. Did u check on the rockwell website u click on "find technical support answer" On search tips you write "SM2" and u will have 7 miscellaneous answers about 1769-SM2 module May be u already check on it, but in case of!
  25. It depends wich PLc you are working with. I wanted to hold the outputs with a compact logix 1768L43 but it didn't work. Off & On too. So i called the Rockwell technical assistance and they told me this function don't work on Compactlogix. With others PLC i don't know.