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  1. Modem to modem using SLC 5/04

    I was actually able to get the SLC 5/05 to dial out to my PC running RSLinx using 2 US Robotics modems. I am now trying to do the same thing using the AB modem at the SLC and a USR modem at the PC. Haven't been able to get this to work yet though, go figure. One thing I have noticed is that the modems have to be programmed to a fixed baud rate such as 9600 or 19200 to get them to work.
  2. Modem to modem using SLC 5/04

    Here is the link to the AB Technote. I am planning to try this sometime next week. Modem to Modem
  3. We have a customer where we already have an Allen Bradley modem kit installed. We have a PC set up here at our place with a US Robotics modem that periodically dials the AB modem (which is connected to a SLC/504)and, using RS Linx with a DDE topic, we log data to an Excel spreadsheet and then save it. The problem we have is that sometimes when the modem dials in to the SLC we may or may not get good data because a particular machine we are monitoring may not be running. I have been asked if we can have the AB modem dial in to the US Robotics whenever the machine starts up so we can get good data. I found a Technote at the Rockwell knowledgebase that shows the necessary programming required to have a SLC automatically dial out. I haven't yet tried it. Has anyone ever done this?
  4. Need Help With Rslogix Program

    Sounds like a good solution. The 1 sec delay is not a problem. Thanks!
  5. I have a control panel that has 20 solenoid valves wired to digital outputs of a Micrologix 1200. What I have to do is open each solenoid valve in sequence for 5 mins. In other words, open Solenoid 1 for 5 mins. then close, open Solenoid 2 for 5 mins then close, etc. This is considered auto mode. This is easy to do. However, I also have to be able to do the following: 1. Be able to go to a manual mode that allows the operator to selectively open any solenoid. This also is not that difficult. I am using a MCR to enable or disable the auto sequence. The outputs to the solenoids are outside the MCR so the operator can turn them on by enabling a bit for each solenoid. (via an HMI button) 2. Be able to disable any solenoid from the auto sequence. For example, if solenoid 4 is disabled then the logic will move from solenoid 3 to solenoid 5. I have tried to do this using the JMP and LBL instructions and it seems like this could work. The problem is that I am using the DN bit of the timer for the previous solenoid to activate the next timer and solenoid. So timer T4:3/DN activates timer T4:4. Then timer T4:5 is looking for the DN bit of timer T4:4. However if I have skipped over the logic for solenoid 4 then timer T4:4 will not time out and therefore T4:5 will not start. What is the simplest solution to this? I have never used sequencers.
  6. I have used the AB 1761-NET-ENI for getting a Micrologix 1200 on our network but these devices are a little pricey. Has anyone tried any other devices that will do the conversion but at a lower cost?