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  1. Control Logix OPC

  2. FSC Instruction

    Hi, I have an Array of 120 DINT's, 120 positions. Each Index of a Dial equates to One DINT (position), and if a bad part is detected then a "1" is put into this DINT, good part is "0". The DINTs are cleared after each full revolution of the Dial.  What that I am trying to check to see if a "1" is put into any of these, i.e. a bad part. I was trying to use a FSC Instruction, but I haven't used before, and would be grateful of some help with this. Thanks Conor
  3. Serial splitter

    Hi guys, I have a MicroLogix 1200 that has a PanelView 500 connected to the serial port. I want to get some signals back to my Scada from this PLC and am going to use a NET ENI. I will need to use a serial splitter, to split the serial signal coming out of the PLC to the PanelView and to the NEt ENI, but which one should I use? I have got two part numbers, 1747-DPS1 and 1747-DPS2. Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference which one I use? Thanks Conor
  4. SLC 5/04 Watchdog error

    Hi guys, I came in this morning and I had an error on one of my SLC's. The error was "The watchdog timer expired.". I looked at the major error codes and it says to increase the watchdog timeout value in the status file. I have checked out the Scan times on the PLC and S:3 is set to 160. From reading the manual I take it that this is 1.6 sec? I checked on the "Errors" tab S:20 and S:21. These point towards the EOP rung on my first (Main) routine. Just before this last rung is an Unlacth for S:5/0. I take it this is a Math overflow Unlatch. Does anyone have any idea's why this error may have happened. I don't recall seeing this error before. Thanks, Conor
  5. PLC 2 files?

    Hi all, I just got an e-mail from my big boss about .PR1 and .DA1 files. I think that the files come from an Allen Bradley PLC 2, but can someone confirm. Now for the good bit. How can I open these files? I take it that the PLC 2 worked on a DOS programming enviroment. I have 5, 500 and 5000 software. Thanks Conor
  6. Hi guys, I have been reading a good few posts lately regarding Point I/O, and I would like to know if any feedback advice on the following. On my site we have a lot of DeviceNet with mainly Compact Blocks, Flex I/O hanging off it for Inputs/Outputs. If I had a new project and as looking to put in a Flex I/O should I consider Point I/O instead? Conor
  7. Hi guys, I have a PanelView 550 : 2711-T5A16L1 Ser B FRN 4.48 It was on a machine and was un-responsive. The machines power was re-cycled and on start up the PanelView is failing on Autotest. Error 31. Anyone encountered this before? Thanks, Conor
  8. Wonderware trends into CSV

    Hi, Does anyone know how to convert Wonderware .lgh files to csv files. I have posted on the Wonderware forum, but maybe some here could help me too. There is a Technote 91 regarding this, but I can seem to get it working. Thanks, Conor
  9. Remote site: Read I/O

    Hi guys, I have been asked to access a remote site that we have and have not done this before. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I would be connecting to an L33ERM this end. I also have a Stratix 5900 on this end as well. Any help would be great. Thanks, Conor
  10. Remote site: Read I/O

    Hi Ken, Sorry for not expanding. The site will be a few miles away, about 5. As far as I know on the remote site there is an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200. Currently we don't have any connection between the two sites.
  11. Disable STI

    Hi guys, I have a PLC that can be slow when doing online edits. There is an STI called but all of the code in this routine is obsolete. How do I make sure that this routine is not called? I see that there is an Enable bit S:2/1, and this is set to 1. If I set this to Zero will this stop the routine from being called? Thanks Conor
  12. 1762-IF4

    Hi, Another great way to check your system is by using a current loop calibrator, something like the Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter, though you can get other cheaper ones as well. This way you can "inject" a 4 - 20 mA signal into your system, and you will then be able to see the full range of your AI. It is probably one of the first checks that I would do when we are troubleshooting problem with Instruments as well. Conor
  13. SLC PID help

    Hi guys, I was wondering where I should look for this problem that I have. I have attached a screen dump from a PID. Can someone tell me why there is no Output? Thanks, Conor slc_pid.bmp
  14. Site looks very good. i like the forum it that you have added as well. I just clicked on a couple of links and had to use the back button to get back there first. When I looked a little harder I found that I could get back via the Supprt link above. So I think that if you had larger tabs across the top to navigate back to support home. I have done a few web pages for work (internel) and I have fond that when I made the tabs larger that the end user didn't have as many questions when the pages went live. Conor
  15. SLC PID help

    Hi Mickey, I am not sure if I am allowed post directly to the forum because of IP. It is a program from a vendor that we don't have any contact with now. I checked this morning and have attached another screendump from code. Output is now set? Conorslc_pid_1.bmp
  16. SLC PID help

    Typical, didn't see that. I was troubleshooting this problem today and will take a look again tomorrow
  17. Wonderware Intouch 9.5 Full project backup

    Hi, Normally if you are upgrading from 9.x to 10.x, Wonderware should be able to assist you with the migration. There are various tech notes on configuring Wonderware that are freely available out there. The SMC settings should come across, but if you still have the old XP PC running you should be able to set-up the new PC the same. I thikk that there is migration manual on the installation DVD that comes with a new install of Wonderware as well. This should assist you as well. Conor
  18. Hi, I know that they are not brilliant, but I normally use Symbol Factory that can be accessed from the Wizards menus. Conor
  19. Hi guys, I dont normally post on the Mitsubishi forum, but I have a question for you guys. In AB there is normally a first scan bit I am working with a Mitsubishi FX-1S, and cant find the First Scan bit instruction. Basically I would like to make sure that if my machine is powered down mid cycle that when it is powered back on that it completes a purge sequence. I would normally use a first scan bit. Any help on this would be great Thanks, Conor
  20. First Scan Bit: New to Mitsubishi

    Hi guys, Just checked the manual again. M8000 is Always ON PLC Run M8001 is Always Off PLC Stop M8002 is Initial Pulse (NO) M8003 is Initial Pulse (NC) Of course I was looking for first scan, and they call is Initial Pulse At ;east with your help I was able to find the special bits M8000 etc Thanks again
  21. First Scan Bit: New to Mitsubishi

    Thanks guys. I will check that out
  22. Have a look at the following link to the DeviceNet manual. You may find the answer here first Conor
  23. SLC 500 faulted.

    Hi guys, I just had a SLC go into fault. When I went online the error was as follows: "The user watchdog scan time has been exceeded!" I cleared the fault and the PLC came back fine. Can anyone throw any light on this? See attached screendump Thanks, Conor blower_g_error_5_11_13.doc
  24. SLC 500 faulted.

    Sorry I worded that wrong. I set up a watchdog timer in a remote PLC that triggers site alarms. I am looking at a bit coming on and off in each of the PLC's and triggering a "Watchdog" alarm on a PanelView that displays the site alarms. Basically I have nothing special in the PLC that faulted Sorry for the confusion Conor
  25. SLC 500 faulted.

    For some idea's that may have caused it. I have 9 of these machines, all with the same program in them. The only time before that I saw one of the PLC's faulting was when an Analogue Input card had gone faulty. So after that I put in watchdog code to monitor each of the PLC's.