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  1. PG 615 user manual wanted

    I transfered the program directly from PLC to PC via 6ES5 743 1BD20 connection cable. I'm using "PLC WorkShop for Siemens S5" software (ver. 5.12). Also, I've connected PG615 to PLC using simple 15-pins cable and transfered each block separatley, I'm just not sured about programming on PG615 (btw. entire meny on PG615 is on German) but I think that I will handle it. I've found user manual for PG605. It seems that it has many similar things with PG615. Thank you anyway. I could find someone with programmer, but where is a challenge and satisfaction in that case?
  2. PG 615 user manual wanted

    Hi; I need to make some changes in PLC program. I have SIMATIC S5 115U CPU 941 with 8k memory submodule (EPROM) in it. Also I have a new empty memory submodule, hand-hold programmer PG615U with operating sistem module inserted, but I don't have any manual instructions for it. I've searched in support.siemens... and all the web, but there is no manuals for PG615. I've sucsessfully transfered program from PLC to my PC, made some corrections, but now I don't know is it possible (and, if it is, then how?) to transfer program from PC to PG615, or I have to transfer program from PLC directly to PG615 and then make corrections? Is there anyone who can help me with this, please?