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  1. RJ71EIP91 Configuration mismatch

    I forgot to mention that there are 6 connections that are programmed into the PLC for this card. Two of which are Fanuc robots and four are stepping motor controllers. When I upload it only shows the robots and only one stepping motor controller. I tried manually adding the three remaining connections to the configuration but it still does not work "mismatch". I can ping all the addresses, I wonder if something else was programmed in and later disabled. Without the original apa file I don't know how to figure this out.
  2. RJ71EIP91 Configuration mismatch

    I have several machines that use the RJ71EIP91 module. I have not had any issues until now. I do not have the original apa file. I upload the configuration and try to restore it from the configuration.apa file, it does not show everything that is connected to the card or programmed in the PLC. when I verify this it says that the configuration is a mismatch. I have several of these scattered throughout the factory and I don't have this problem anywhere else. Is there a solution to this problem?
  3. using usb adapter with QJ71C24 card

    Does someone make a stand alone adapter that can do this?
  4. using usb adapter with QJ71C24 card

    It is a CEDAR torque tester. You can not install drivers in the unit.
  5. using usb adapter with QJ71C24 card

    Maint dept ordered a torque tester to replace a bad unit. The old unit was rs232. The new replacement is usb. They tried to use a usb to serial adapter but it will not communicate. Is there any way to make this work with a QJ71C24-R2 card? I called Mitsubishi and they were not sure. Answer was probably not.