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  1. Clearing an Array in RSLogix 5000

    PUISSANCE_MESUREE_EC_23 <normal> REAL[16] Standard Float Tableau de la puissance mesurée normalisée, station de tests finaux EC23 This is what i have in my controller tags sheet. The tag is a REAL[16]. so i'll try it with the FLL because i have 7 differents tag like that to clear, so it will be way faster with the FLL instruction instead of using 16 CLR for each of those tags. thanks for your reply
  2. Clearing an Array in RSLogix 5000

    Not sure what is a UDT. But if i use the FLL with those operands: Source = 0, Dest = TAG1[0], Length = 100. Do you think it could work? Because i dont have the PLC here and can't test it online. thanks for your fast reply.
  3. Hi, I have an array: TAG1[0] to TAG1[100] for example. In a certain condition i want to clear all the array. With the instruction CLR, i can only clear once at a time or i don't know how to clear all in once instruction. So that way i wold need like 100 CLR instructions. The other option that I though is to use a FOR loop with one CLR instruction, but I'm sure there is an easiest way to do it, but I don't know how. Let me know if you have an idea please. Your help will be appreciated.