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  1. Have you tried to connect to the P.L.C with your software and cable.     Rodney
  2. You do possibly have a lifeline that the program is stored on a eprom. If you remove the front cover the middle part on the front there maybe an eprom.  Good luck Rod Strick 
  3. S5 plc help to load from EPROM

    Switch the selector to run  
  4. mitsubishi fx48-mt

    You have to change the mode to write mode.   Rodney  
  5. mitsubishi software

    You can even look on YouTube for some tutorials so simple.  
  6. mitsubishi software

    I agree Gambit 100%    
  7. omron CP1E-E30

    You would get a much better response if you posted in the Omron section.   Rodney
  8. MAC E-50 HMI

    It’s CAB 5 that you require.
  9. Simatic S7-200 Software?

    The software is Micro Win and the cable is a PPI cable Rodney
  10. Siemens S5 Backup Battery

    Then try your local Siemens distributor. They should be able to order it for you. Rodney
  11. Siemens S5 Backup Battery

    MDS Bateries online   Rodney  

    Hi Possibly the relay for that output the contacts have welded together.   Rodney
  13. Cx one software

    You have to buy it from Omron.
  14. Omron C200H CPU 01 problem

    As mentioned in my original post the DA001 was in fault and when I replaced the RM201 and the RT201 the DA001 went into run. Jay Do I toggle the restart bits you mentioned the address I am writing to in the program is 100 if that helps In the remote rack there the following l/O left to right input module address 60 output module address 61 output module address 62 empy slot DA001  
  15. I was called to one of my customer this morning who has one of tha above PLC,s. The problem is that there is a remote rack and  it is not talking to the main rack and the PLC is not in run mode. There is also DA001 analog module in the remote rack which was in error. I exchanged both the RM201 and RT201 modules the comms is still not working but the analog module is now in run. Both the Rm201 and the R201 are in alarm. The alarm is described as a duplex bus or intelligent I/O unit. The cable between the two units buses out ok. any help on this would be appreciated    thanks  Rodney  
  16. Omron C200H CPU 01 problem

    Just been to site and checked again using CX  Programmmer and I could see a code number. The error code number is 0x00D0. Rodney  
  17. Omron C200H CPU 01 problem

    I have not seen an error code number only the description above. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Rodney
  18. Omron C200H CPU 01 problem

    Thanks for your posts. Jay The RT201 has only the power indicator light. The RM201 has flashing fault light has does the CPU. Rodney
  19. Omron C200H CPU 01 problem

    Thanks  Jay but I have done a like for like replacement including the dip switch settings thanks Rodney      
  20. How to remove and upload program in plc from pc?

    As Kaare_t said you must remove the power and the battery to reset the PLC. If you try to download your program without a reset the PLC will request the password. Rodney
  21. melsec A0j2H

    The software is G X Devloper and the cable is a SC09.   Rodney
  22. From where I can download GX Developer 8.0

    It's not a free software you have to buy it from Mitsubishi Electric.   Rodney
  23. USB PC adapter

    I may be wrong but I seem to remember that if you select properties from the set PG/PC interface. You can select com port or usb   Rodney
  24. S5 STL Help

    You have supposed the two lines correctly.   Rodney  
  25. gx developer/gx works

    Both versions of software are not downloads. You have to bye them from Mitsubishi distributors. Rodney